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Farm Happenings for March 21, 2023

Posted on March 17th, 2023 by John Zilnicki

Happy St. Patricks day to you!  My mom's mom was 100% and her grandparents were potato farmers in Ireland and settled in Calverton and continued the potato farming tradition here, so the Irish heritage is held close to the heart here.  Although my wife informed me St. Patrick may actually be Italian (Roman), as it is unsure if his family was from Ireland or moved with the Roman expansion.  Fun fact of the day for me!  

We are excited to welcome back NorthFork Seafood this week and will expand into a monthly seafood box as well, which will start in April for all you real seafood lovers.  

We have also brought bread in this week and even Black Sheep Bagels, a local bagel shop who might make the best everything bagel I have ever had.  They don't have that lingering garlic/onion flavor most everything bagels will give you!  Also, I've added a bunch more cuts of beef this week and even bulk bags of meaty soup bones, perfect to make your own bone broth!

Also, make sure you leave your old box out so we can swap it with a new one.  We try to reuse as much as we can, if they are kept sanitary and in good shape.  

Enjoy your weekend and I know I'm a little late but I will be putting a recipe to a delicious Irish soda bread my mom makes that I know you will like (Its not dry?).

Your Farmer, 

John Zilnicki

P.S. My daughter Daisy turns 5 this Monday!! I can not believe it!! And my wife had 2 other sisters had a baby on March 20th as well(Ages 11, 5, 3)! Three 1st cousins with the same birthday is wild!