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Farm Happenings for March 14, 2023

Posted on March 10th, 2023 by John Zilnicki

Spring cleaning is in full effect on the farm.  Nice weather has allowed us to clean our farm yard a bit as 50 years of debris may have been accumulated.  Also, we are busy fixing tractors, old truck engines, old conveyors that may be 80 years old.  A little TLC and they are back to running in tip top shape.  We have begun planting and transplanting in the greenhouse, which is a real sign spring is right around the corner.  This week we introduce "The Hampton Grocer," a yummy local granola, with 3 yummy flavors.  We also have Sunflower Shoots from our friend over at Urban Coyote Farm that we are also very excited about.  

I hope you enjoy our very own Grass Fed Beef, if it is in your box this week.  I highly recommend going on Youtube and spending a few minutes are watching some chefs cook Grass Fed steaks as they have different techniques then the traditional fatty grain fed steaks we are used too.  I will say, I made the best Flank Steak of my life this week from our Grass Fed Beef and can't wait to open up more 'cuts' for you to try.

Have a great weekend!

Your Farmer John