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Farm Happenings for August 4, 2020

Posted on July 30th, 2020 by Emily Asmus

The farm is a busy place these days! Farm Kids day camp, offered in partnership with Blue Mountain Land Trust has been enjoying the shade of the big willows, and the cool of the creek. This photo shows them in their "campsite" learning about bees from CSA member Dr Heidi Dobson. As a crew we haven't seen much of the campers but its fun to hear their squeals of delight from the wild edges and near the animal pens. The goats and pigs have been fed many special treats this week. 

Meanwhile CSA member Nat Farnam has been installing our new walk-in cooler and shelving and a storage loft in the shop. We are very much looking forwarded to using this improved crop storage space and more usable shop work space this fall. We try to tackle one new infrastructure project a year- this one should offer some great benefits right off the bat. 

Crew members have been clocking in at 6am this week trying to beat the heat. On top of the regular field work and harvesting the 15 beds of fall beets and carrots all need to be hand weeded NOW! These 9,000 row feet of hands and knees weeding are providing the venue from some pretty sweaty, pretty funny conversation. 

The heat wave is bringing on the summer crops, finally. Look for cherry tomatoes, eggplant, shisito peppers, basil and tomatillos this week. Next week should offer up slicing tomatoes and possibly sweet corn. From Miles Away Farm we are offering a new batch of Peach Raspberry jam. Tea from Grateful Herb is "Cup Of Sunshine Herbal Infusion." It contains: Chamomile, Damiana, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Oatstraw, Rose, St. John's Wort

Happy Eating, 
Emily and the whole farm crew