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Farm Happenings for October 16, 2019

Posted on October 13th, 2019 by Ben Saunders

This is the final Share deliver for the Regular Season Shares!  The crew and I were talking about it last week and it seems like just a few weeks ago we were transplanting, putting the first seeds in the ground and seeding in the greenhouse.  Then, all of a sudden we've gone through the entire growing season and finally gotten here to the the last delivery.  

Every season I find myself reflecting on the weather and thinking to myself "the weather patterns will eventually come back and this is the craziest weather patterns ever"!  Then every season the weather seems to be more and more unpredictable so this season I finally relented to just "roll with the punches" and plant what we can when ever we can!  Sometimes this wasn't a good idea but more often then not, things worked out and we've produced beautiful and tasty Shares!

I'd like to personally thank you all for being a part of Wabi Sabi Farm this season!  I hope you've enjoyed your experience and would love to hear your feedback.  I'm not planning on sending out an "official" survey but would love to here from you, both critiques and definitely what you enjoyed!  This is only my second year of using the Harvie software to allow you all to customize your shares, purchase ala carte items, etc so I would definitely be interested in hearing your regarding the software!

We will still be attending the outdoor Des Moines Farmers Market every Saturday till the end of this month and also be at both the November and December Winter Markets which have now been moved over to Hy-Vee Hall.  We'll also be providing produce to many fine restaurants in Des Moines including Proof, St Kilda Surf and Turf, the original St Kilda, Harbinger and RI Restaurant just to name a few. 

I intend to keep in better touch with you all over the "off season" than I did last season letting you know what were up to at the Farm.  Again, I really appreciate all of your support this season.  Looking forward to reconnecting with you all next season and hope everyone stays warm, well fed and happy during the Winter!


Until next time,

Farmer Ben and the Crew