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Farm Happenings for August 21, 2019

Posted on August 18th, 2019 by Ben Saunders

We got a welcomed 1.5 inches of rain today (8/18) at the Farm.  It's been awhile since we've had a good soaking rain so it is much appreciated!  We are lucky to have the ability to irrigate but there are some great things rain brings (nutrients, cooler temperatures, etc) so it is nice to get a little break from running the irrigation lines.  The rain was accompanied with strong winds but I'm happy to report that there was no damage!

There is still a month till the first "official" day of Fall but it already is feeling like it to me.  The days are getting shorter, the State Fair is over and I'm sure some of you are getting ready to send the kiddos back to School.  While I don't have kids of my own I can relate in some ways as last Friday was one of our Crew Members last day as she is getting ready to go back to College ; ).  So, last Friday we grilled out for lunch to celebrate her help on the Farm this season!  We grilled out using Farm veggies, mushrooms we foraged from the woods on the Farm and also local meat from a farming friend of mine. 

The cherry tomatoes are finally getting started at the Farm and we are excited to begin adding cherry tomatoes to the Shares.  They are only available now in small quantities but it seems to be shaping up to be a bumper crop of them this year!  Have you all been looking at the ala carte options?  It's also exciting that were offering two new options in there besides the great mushrooms we've been offering from my buddy Matt at Bee Grateful Gardens.  This week we are also offering Comb Honey from him as well.  Comb honey is just like what it sounds like, honey still on the comb.  This is honey in it's absolute rawest form and in my opinion the tastiest way to eat it!  We are also offering elderberries this week from our buffer zone.  Because it is from our buffer zone (required to have when being Certified Organic) it is technically not Certified Organic but we've been enjoying eating them at the Farm none the less.

Have a great week,

Farmer Ben and the Crew