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Trumpeter Swan Farm CSA News - Summer, Week 3, June 14

Posted on June 15th, 2020 by Phil Hannay
Trumpeter Swan Farm CSA News - Summer, Week 3, June 14
---- Good Bye Asparagus ----

Our last week of asparagus. After this week, we will let it grow out, giving it some fertilizer to replace the nutrients we removed when we picked spears. It will spend the rest of the growing season storing up starch in its roots to produce the new crop next May!

---- Hello Strawberries ----

Strawberries are starting! Not enough this week for everyone. Be patient, everyone will get some over the next few weeks. Not as plentiful this year, as the first blossoms froze in the May 10th freeze when it got down to 28 degrees. Now, when they are ripening, they like warm and dry - so weather is just right.

---- Payments and Payment Plan ----

If you want to look at your payments and upcoming payments:

Log on to Harvie (, look on the top menu items, and select "My Profile", "Orders", "Details" to see the order detail and past payments. You can look on the top menu items again, and select "Deliveries" to see future payments. To look at past share detail and charges for each delivery, select "My Profile, "Shares".

If you signed up for the payment plan, here is how it works:

The payment plan is 25% down, 25% on first delivery, and then weekly payments for the next 20 deliveries. So, you paid 25%, when you signed up. You then paid the next 25%, on the first week of delivery PLUS the first weekly payment. After that, you pay the weekly payment for the remaining 19 weeks.

So if a half share is $430, you paid $107.50 (25%) when you signed up. Another $107.50 (25%) on first delivery, plus the $10.75 weekly payment, for a total of $118.25. You then pay a weekly payment of $10.75 for the remaining 19 weeks ($10.75 x 20 weeks = $215, the remaining 50%)