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Summer Share Week 5

Posted on July 31st, 2020 by Lorraine Blackwell

Things around the farm are growing well and by this time tomorrow all the garlic will be harvested and drying in the greenhouse. So far, it looks great! We will need to wait a couple weeks for it to cure and then you will see it offered regularly in your shares. Our first planting of beans is done for now, but our second (bigger) planting is just starting to flower so you can expect more beans in a few weeks.

Just to keep you on your toes, tomatoes this week will be mixed baskets. This means that you will receive a variety of sizes and colours (cherries up to large slicers) all in one basket. I'm finding it hard to predict exactly how much of each size will be ready each week and combining them this way gives me more room for flexibility. Enjoy!

We also have the first new potatoes! New potatoes are best used within a few days as they haven't been cured for storage and don't have thick skins. Just store them in a cool, dark cupboard until you are ready to use.

Greens Add-on: Red Kale

Salad Add-on: Salad Mix