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Farm Happenings for September 3, 2019

Posted on September 1st, 2019 by Mike Kozlowski

Well garlic harvest is finally underway! The crop is looking quite good! A group of us spent Saturday working away at it and got four out of thirteen rows out and hang to cure. As I write it is early Sunday morning - I'm planning to get back out and get a few more rows done today.

Garlic needs to cure for three to four weeks in order for the papery skins to dry which creates a shelf stable product. So the garlic you get over the next few weeks will look a little bit different than the garlic you would buy from the grocery store. I think you will find that it has more flavour, more oil, and thicker skin than the garlic you are used to. It is best to keep this garlic in the refrigerator and treat is as any other fresh vegetable. For any of you who are looking for garlic to last you the winter we will be selling bigger bags later in September and early October.

 I also have dill in it's flowering stage right now. I'm adding this to my extras list if any of you are doing canning over the next while. We've also still got Wild Brewing kombucha and Prairie Gold Pastured beef on our extras list. 


See you soon!

Your farmer,