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Farm Happenings for August 4, 2020

Posted on July 31st, 2020 by Mike Kozlowski

Wow, inches of rain followed by hot weather is the perfect formula for a vegetable garden.

I hope that you have been enjoying your veggies. We have been working to get things harvested and then hydro-cooled and into the fridge as early as possible in the day in order to maintain the shelf life your veggies. I hope that everything has been delicious and that you have been able to make good use of these veggies.

I am encouraged to see so many of you using our facebook group ( It's really gratifying to see so many of you putting time and effort into these veggies that we have also poured our hearts into. A highlight for me is seeing questions like "Help! I'm looking for collards ideas" and seeing so many of you rushing in to provide inspiration and experience. In this time of COVID it's hard for me to feel a strong sense of community outside of my family and farm crew, but seeing this connection through facebook is helping me stretch my understanding of what communities can look and feel like. So thank you!

We've got another great round of veggies coming your way this week.