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Farm Happenings for July 28, 2020

Posted on July 24th, 2020 by Mike Kozlowski

We're happy, per usual, to be bringing you vegetables this week. I really hope that these fresh vegetables are a part of your program of self care that to lead you down a path of better health and better immune function. I'm encouraged that there are many things that we can all do right now to take care of our own health - spending time outdoors and especially in nature where the microbiome we breathe in through our lungs helps to populate the beneficial microbes in our own bodies; increasing the amount of time we spend sleeping each night to give our cells time to regenerate, increasing the amount of colorful vegetables we eat, decreasing our consumption of sugar, drinking more water, and managing stress through meditation or breathing practices. While this formula isn't a panacea, it contributes to a feeling of empowerment as opposed to a feeling victimhood and helplessness.


In any event, we are at your service with these soil grown, fresh, veggies produced with love.


Your farmer,