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Farm Happenings for July 1, 2020

Posted on June 26th, 2020 by Mike Kozlowski

Hello! Your first food box is coming up very soon. You will find important information in this email regarding your first pick up. Please read!

1. Payment Plans and Delivery Dates

If you have paid by credit card and chosen a payment plan, your card will be billed automatically on the day of each delivery. You can log into your Harvie account here: If you need help logging into your account you can find help here:

One you log in click on the "Deliveries" tab to see your pick up and billing schedule, and to change your pick up dates or locations as needed.

2. Pick-Up Protocol

Like all other businesses we are adapting to the changes in the world and our priority is to keep you safe. We appreciate your patience as we work to figure this out. I imagine that our delivery process will need a number of iterations until we get it right. At the moment, here is how we envision the pick-up process:

  • Customer arrives and gives name to staff. 
  • Customer places bag on the table (we are keeping the AHS recommended 2m distance)
  • Staff will bring this week's produce to you in a 'transfer bin'
  • Customer will fill their own bag with produce from the transfer bin
  • Staff will keep hands clean by regularly washing or sanitizing between customers
  • Customer will then grab the bag and head home to make some delicious meals

3. Bags

If you have your own reusable shopping bag please bring it. You can also bring your own plastic bag. If you have a stockpile of plastic grocery bags that you would like to part with we will gladly accept them and reuse them for anyone who has forgotten their bags. Alternatively, we will also have Steel Pony Farm cloth bags for sale for $2. You can purchase those on our extras page below or on site. It is a big help if you can bring your own bag but we will certainly have bags avaialble to anyone who does not bring their own.

4. Extras

We have a few products for sale this week that I am really excited about. We are parternering with Dose Coffee Co and Wild Brewing Co to bring you coffee roasted in Red Deer and kombucha brewed in Red Deer. I would only resell products that I really believe in and love. Dose coffee is my morning beverage of choice and after a hot day on the farm I usually split a can of kombucha with my son Adler who calls it bubbles. I hope that through selling these I can save you a bit of running around in the week or introduce you to something new and delicious.

5. Selection

Inevetably each year after the first delivery I have a few customers asking me where the carrots, potatoes and cabbage are. They will be coming later this summer. For now, it is still June/early July in Central Alberta so for the first few weeks our boxes are going to contain mostly salad greens and leafy greens. So it's salad season! I hope you enjoy the fresh tastes from the garden.


See you soon!


Your farmer,