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Central Alberta Local Box

Posted on May 2nd, 2020 by Mike Kozlowski

I am so grateful that many people have been thinking about our local economy and prioritizing local producers. While the food boxes you signed up for won't begin until the end of June, I have a number of friends and colleagues who have products they are ready to sell.

So, this Wednesday I am doing a "pop-up farm stand". Your customized orders from these local producers will be delivered to your home.

This is a great chance for you to support people running small businesses who are providing an alternative to the industrial supply chains that seem to be struggling to adapt to the world as it changes. I've got some great products I think you will love. I will be home delivering in Red Deer on Wednesday May 6th.

To place an order follow this link:

The interface is just a little clunky right now. You will have to choose the box for $1 before you can continue on to create a customized order.

We have available to purchase products from:

Coffee from Dose Coffee Co (Red Deer) -

Kombucha from Wild Brewing Co (Red Deer) -

Lilac bath bombs from Happy Hippie Soul (Red Deer) -

Microgreens from Micro YYC (Calgary) -

Baby Green Kale from Deep Water Farm (Calgary) -

Cherry Tomatoes and Peppers from Shirley's Greenhouse (Didsbury) -

Honey from Mob Honey (Calgary area) -

I hope that this local box is of service to you! I will be in touch throughout the spring to share with you some updates about our progress on the farm.

Wishing you and your family the best!


Your farmer,


Mike Kozlowski