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Farm Happenings for July 24, 2018

Posted on July 20th, 2018 by Mike Kozlowski


I hope that you have been enjoying the hot weather, eating lots of vegetables, and just plain old feeling good. Holy smokes, this summer is such a joy for me - we have been harvesting so much good food, and we only have more and more variety coming each week. 


It was awesome to see you all over the past two weeks. I love cathing up with past year's customers, getting a chance to meet those of you who are new, and getting reaquainted with those of you who have taken a break but are now back in the program. These past two weeks I got reconnected to my mission of providing nutritious food to people in my community and to making connections with those people. The prep work that we do in the spring to get all of these vegetables ready for you is really disconnected from the expereince of eating, cooking, and sharing this food with real life people. So connecting with you all brings this full circle for me and my employees and makes us feel a real sense of purpose. Thank you for supporting us. 


We've got some amazing cabbages in your boxes this week as well as the options of a smattering of herbs and greens and those beets that we've been harveting the past few weeks. Please customize your box if your pick list is missing anything you really want. 


Look forward to seeing you this week!


Mike and the Steel Pony Crew