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Really? Snow and cold! Fall Week #5

Posted on September 9th, 2020 by Cale Sprister

The best laid plans are usually laid bare by what mother natural has prepared.

As I write this I have not seen what has survived the "Winter Farm Apocalypse" of 2020.

I spent all day Monday prepping the plots for the storm.  I harvested a bunch of produce, planted a bunch of beds for fall and winter production, and sealed up the hoop house as best I could. I covered numerous beds with a protective covering, but I know that some of those coverings were blown off and shredded.

Even with all that work, I have no control and will hope and pray for the best for our veggies!

Because of the storm this weeks deliveries may be a little off.  I will truly "estimate" what I can get to you and hopefully my estimates won't be that far off.

I appreciate all the kind words and prayer from many of you!

Thank you!

Your Farmer