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Week #10: Veggie Variety Bounty!

Posted on July 22nd, 2020 by Cale Sprister

The farm is really starting to produce good quantities of many different items!  Just tonight (Wednesday) I came home from work and harvested nearly 40 lbs of zucchini and summer squash. 

The tomatoes are really starting to ripen.  My family of course used a few for BLTs last night along with some sauteed summer squash and torpedo onion.  Yummy!

Looks like I will be harvesting some specialty sweet and sweet bell peppers this week too. 

Several plantings of various veggies have gone in for the fall period; beets, turnips, lettuce, scallions.

And as long as I can keep the rabbits, deer, mice and hail away, I'll have a smile on my face and you'll have veggies in your bag!

Speaking of the fall, if you didn't see my message about the late summer/fall sign-up, the enrollments will be open July 24th.  I am only opening 30 shares total, so if you plan on continuing till the end of the season please enroll early!

Keep enjoying the summer bounty!

Your Farmer,