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Farm Happenings (Delivery #6 Fall/Winter)

Posted on January 16th, 2019 by Diane Riehm
Farmer Phil talks about what's going on at the farm during the winter seasons...You will notice this week we have given you Kalettes...CHECK IT OUT in this newsletter!!

In this week's edition: Farmer Phil's video, Refer-a friend, Add-on shares, Extra's you'll want, Farm-to-Table Dinners.


"Healthy soil makes healthier veggies, which makes a healthier you." - Farmer, Phil Riehm.

Watch as Farmer Phil, Matt and Erica harvest lettuce!

In case, you missed the free Farminar here's the replay.  Please, Share the link with others: I m


Steve Young, who picks up his Fall/Winter Veggie Bag in BG says,
"Thank you for your time, support, and service that you are offering to our community and specifically to my home! ...we are so thrilled to have this and with a baby at home it has made our life easier and healthier and we couldn’t be happier."

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 IS PAST, I thought this would be the perfect time to share with you about this gift.


The $25 gift is for you. Here is how it works:

1. So "after" you sign up [many of you are already]— give someone your "personal link". It is easy to locate in your "personal profile" page. I have a screenshot of it here:

It can be as easy as someone at your work place that has seen you getting you weekly veggies.

2. When "new" members use the link that you give them to sign up for a weekly veggie bag, "both" of you will get $25 in credit to use towards extras this season.  You can buy beef, soaps, honey, maple syrup, etc. or veggies. Whatever, we have on the extras page during the season.

P.S. When you send the link to others there is also a tutorial to help you along the way. No more writes block, yeah!

P.S.S. Use the $25 to give farm products "as gifts", or use it for yourself.  You can even reprint this picture as many times as you like and label the back with your link on it.  

National CSA Day coming. Countdown begins January 28.  We will also develop a campaign for you to send 8 or so emails to reach our goal of 500 CSA members by February 21.  Are you in?

are petite and milder than kale and a perfect combination between nutty and sweet. They are a cross between a brussel sprout and kale. The purple beauties can be used in a salad, roasted, added to omelets, soup, sir fry or married into a vegetable pasta dish.  Here is 11 ways to cook kalettes.

Eggs -
These are new hens that will start laying in the spring and provide eggs to Riehm's for the Summer CSA farm shares! We are supporting Brian and Stacie Anderson's family near Bowling Green. Their fresh eggs have bright yellow yokes that stand up tall when you crack them. 

P.S. If you want a dozen eggs "weekly or bi-weekly" you can add them to your order now!! Here is how  ---> 

January 22 - January 25

Fruit - Honey crisp apples 
Bread -
 This delivery Rosemary Boule. Local artisan bread baker, Linda Lambert, handcrafts fresh bread daily. Trained at the Culinary Institute of America in New York
Hamburger share
 - 3# bulk, born and raised at Riehm's
Coffee - The coffee this week is Colombia.  And Colombia is one of the most widely known specialty coffees in the world. A medium roast, Colombian coffee is know for its sweet, well-rounded cup with notes of fruit and chocolate and a pleasant, bright finish.


Featuring produce from RPFarm. 
Five dinner courses are being announced! Come back to our web page to get the updates.

   Friday, February 1, from 6 - 9 p.m. Adam Street Cafe will host the unique event with Chef John at his restaurant located at 608 Adam street in downtown Toledo.  To RSVP stop by or give them a call at (419) 214-1819.

  February 22, at 6:00 p.m. Fowl & Fodder will host a different unique event with Chef Scott Bowman at his restaurant located at 614 Adam street in downtown Toledo. $65 To RSVP stop by or give them a call at (419) 214-1588.

  Sunday, March 24, at 5 p.m. Hope Lutheran Church will host yet another different and unique event with Chef Anthony from Plat8 for the evening. Plate8 says, “RPFarm supplies much of the produce throughout the year and we are pleased to highlight them in this event.”

Their church seats 100 people comfortably for dinner at 2201 Secor Rd, Toledo in Ottawa Hills. $55 To RSVP stop by or give Plat8 a call at (419) 214-0370.

P.S. Summer weekly veggie boxes are available if you know anyone looking to go fresh! with RPFarm | Or schedule your weekly Summer boxes, 


“We help busy people get weekly, farm fresh meals on the table so they feel healthy and full of ideas as to what’s for dinner.”