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RP-Farm Happenings (Delivery #6 Fall/Winter out of 8)

Posted on January 11th, 2023 by Diane Riehm

Recently Farmer Phil's teenage son said YUMMY! While eating cheese and apples...

The comment sparked us to tell you more about the sweet and juicy – yummy apple that holds a powerful crunch - EverCrisp®

Give them a TRY!

Combining the best parents of Honeycrisp and Fuji.

The durable apple arrives late in the season and stores strongly – it maintains sweetness and firmness like no other.

It’s exciting to try new products!

Your skin is your largest organ.

Feed it this DELIVERY with a 

WOW!! Just $23.99!!
(Reg. $27.50)

3 bars of goat milk Soap, 1-Lip balm and Basket

Shining a Light on Another Member of Your Incredible Farm Crew

Chloe starting working here at age seventeen and she has gone from being one of the least experienced to an experienced farm crew member over the past two and a half years. Her talents include helping guide new employees, packing and verifying your CSA Market Boxes and sometimes works directly harvesting your crops from the field.

Chloe came from an extensive gardening background and her father works with veggie crops at the Ohio State Research Farm in Fremont. She's very excited that she was able to continuing working at our farm throughout the winter season, as she thought this was only going to be a temporary summer job.

You may NOT be surprised to learn that one of Chloe's biggest BUCKET LIST items includes the outdoors. She would LOVE to drive from the East Coast to the West Coast and check out all the different parts of the country sometime in her life! 

Here's more of your farm team... They are ready to make your experience flow EASY and CONVENIENTLY right from the farm to your trunk. 

  • Steffanie is labeling your boxes in the top picture.
  • Chloe on the left is packing your box.
  • Natalie on the right is getting your meat into your boxes.
  • Pam, Sandi & Ralph (not pictured) are your retired team workers who fill in where needed.

IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO ADD A TIP for their hard work...

Your monetary contributions go a LONG, LONG way!

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