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RP-Farm Happenings (Delivery #3 Fall/Winter out of 8)

Posted on November 20th, 2022 by Diane Riehm

Why you should eat more spuds?

Pinto Gold, Yukon and Blue round potato here at Riehm Produce Farm are yummy for your tummy!

We looked up some health benefits and found...

Potatoes were a life-saving food source in early times because the rich vitamin C prevented scurvy.

There potassium is an electrolyte which also helps the works of our heart, muscles, and nervous system.

But why did the potato cross the road? He saw a fork up ahead. LOL

Watch week #2 CSA Fall/Winter Unboxing...

A few video tips to help you along the way with your CSA Market Box...

Video 4:43

Farmer Phil, John & Diane Riehm
Riehm Produce Farm