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Riehm's Farm Happenings (Week 13)

Posted on August 23rd, 2018 by Diane Riehm


"Healthy soil makes healthier veggies, which makes a healthier you." - Farmer, Phil Riehm

Coming soon...Potato in all types and colors.  How many did he say?

Guess the number plantings of beans RPFarm put out this year? Farmer Phil shows you the colors...

(Video 0:49)

Riehm's CSA Weekly Veggie Bag

Forecasting a harvest is designed to allow us to give you a quick "prediction" or "estimate" of what is coming in the future.

Fruit share Forecast : August 27 - Sept 1
One Fruit share - Gala apples (top picture)
Second Fruit share - Peaches/Watermelon/Cantalope (bottom pictures)

We ordered 300 more canvas CSA bags, they just arrived...
***Remember to return you CANVAS BAG and LINERS "each"


This Year's CORN MAZE arial photos are in the works and we can't wait to share them with all of you once they are complete!

Farmer Phil has known for 8 months, but can you guess what idea his youngest son, Luke "planted" in his head?

Zoom in for a good look!

More now details available now at...

P.S.  Our Sheet Pan Challenge is going on now through August 31st! Who's using RPFarm products in sheet pan recipes and sharing in the group? (or use our hashtag #RiehmFarmToTable if you share them outside the group for us to find them). Happy eating!


“We help busy people get weekly, farm fresh meals on the table so they feel healthy and full of ideas as to what’s for dinner.”