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Farm Happening (3rd DELIVERY SUMMER)

Posted on June 13th, 2019 by Diane Riehm

"Healthy soil makes healthier veggies, which makes a healthier you." - Farmer, Phil Riehm.

Thinking about all this rain makes one wonder about homegrown veggies this year?

But these videos will surprise and delight you!

Farmer Phil and his dad have "got your back" this season with their ditching system.

Please enjoy these short stories,

where you can see the farm without even leaving your couch.

What if I told you it's more about how you think than what you do?

We aren't just about cows and plows.

The family farm is a lifestyle of continuous effort and struggle -

Of strength and growth

(Video 0.26)

Life on the family-farm couldn't be done without your purchases.

Thank you...for your support to make these fields bloom year after year!

(Video 0.51)




 "One" Fruit share - Strawberries

 "Second" Fruit share - Hard to predict the availability maybe Strawberries too, or apples, etc.

** Forecast is predicting a good sweet cherry crop.  Possibly "in two weeks".


COFFEE-OF-THE-MONTH - This first delivery is Kanya AA. 

One of the highest quality coffees in the world!

In the cup, Kenya AA is known for its wine-like body; floral, tropical fruit, and berry notes; and sweet, bright finish.



This is worth repeating... Even those who say they don't like goat LOVE these products:

We are supporting Turkeyfoot Creamery in Wauseon to bring you one of the finest goat milk cheeses in NW Ohio. 

All natural, handcrafted artisan.

Curds, spreadable Chevre and hard cheeses like Gouda and Feta.

Straight off the farm.

We had a room full of taste samplers from RPFarm select the choices for you.

The ooh's and awe's and excited pleasures even surprised us.

Be sure to "add" some to try TODAY!

“We help busy people get weekly, farm fresh meals on the table so they feel healthy and full of ideas as to what’s for dinner.”