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Posted on January 17th, 2022 by Brittany Reardon

The cold, icy weather has pushed us into full-blown January hibernation mode. As we focus on planning for the season, we're spending most of our hours inside, keeping warm by the wood stove. It's difficult to have much motivation to work outside when it is as cold as it has been, and everything is frozen. 

On the winter vegetable front: They're mostly roots with some greens thrown in to the mix. This week is certainly no exception, as we'll be picking a few things from the field and spinach from the hoophouse. In the future we hope to have more indoor growing space to have a larger diversity of fresh greens at this point in the season. We've applied for a grant for a new hoophouse, which will be extremely helpful to have for winter growing. 

 We're in the thick of soup season right now and I have broth boiling down on the stove as I write this. Don't forget we have plenty of chicken bone soup packs (price just lowered from previous weeks!) that are perfect for making broth. I use chicken broth for everything - making rice, mixing into mashed root veggies, or whipping up a quick pan sauce for topping roast chicken or vegetables. 


Please be sure to clean your jars milk jars thoroughly before returning to the farm. Be sure to write your name and number of bottles returned on the bottle deposit return sheet so we can credit your account with your bottle deposit. 

If you think of it, it's helpful for us if boxes are broken down flat prior to return. We appreciate your help with this! :)