Farm Happenings at Mad Radish Farm
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Farm Happenings at Mad Radish Farm

Patiently Awaiting the Peas!

Posted on May 27th, 2022
Our pea crop this year looks better than any we've grown in the past, thanks to a much thicker seeding rate and a healthy dose of mushroom compost. The flowers are just beginning to fruit, so we'll be picking (a small amount of, to start) peas before the end of next week. You'll see these in your s1 read more »

Chicken is Stocked up!

Posted on May 21st, 2022
As we head further into the spring share, a couple of general thoughts/reminders/etc: -- PLEASE return your insulated bags that are inside of your box to your pick up site!! We need these back so that we can keep packing perishables in the boxes. As the days warm these will come packed with ice pac1 read more »

Turnip Time

Posted on May 13th, 2022
Many of you know about Hakurei turnips, and some of you haven't yet experienced this crunchy and versatile vegetable. The Hakurei turnip is a "salad" turnip or fresh-eating turnip. It's not like your purple top turnip that must be roasted or otherwise cooked before eating. They're mild, not spicy l1 read more »

Chicken Take-Over!

Posted on May 6th, 2022
It seems lately that the chickens are taking over the farm!! This is partially true. HA! We spend a lot of time with the various flocks of chickens on the farm, particularly working on their coops, feeding, watering, moving, collecting and washing eggs... there's always a sizable list to be done. T1 read more »