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Getting Started with CSA

Posted on May 5th, 2023 by Bryce Baumann

Thank you for joining our CSA this season, and we're excited to get things rolling!

We wanted to start by sharing some information the will help you understand how Harvie (our CSA management software) helps us manage your farm share and the selection produce you get from us each week. I'll include a link (bold text below) for more information regarding each of our Frequently Asked Question.

First off, it's important to SET YOUR PREFERENCES within your member profile, so when we upload what we expect to harvest each week.

Once we post what we expect to harvest each week, you will be notified that a proposed share has been organized for you based upon your set preferences. Once notified, you have a window of time to make changes to your delivery or purchase additional items to be included with your delivery. Click here to learn more about CUSTOMIZING YOUR SHARE each week.

Lastly, we all seem to live very busy lives, and pausing your share, changing your delivery location/day one week or permanently, or rescheduling a delivery will inevitably happen at some point during the season. All of these changes are very easy to make right up until your delivery is finalized. Once we finalize your delivery the opportunity to make these changes has passed and we've already added your order to all of our harvest lists. Here's a link to learn HOW TO PAUSE/RESCHEDULE YOUR DELIVERY OR CHANGE PICKUP LOCATION/DAY

If you have any other questions about getting started, please send us an email directly to Contacting us directly is the best way to insure your requests and questions are handled quickly.

Thank you!

Bryce Baumann