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Deer and Goats get hungry too!

Posted on July 12th, 2020 by Kiva Dobson

The deer have been coming down to visit! One in particular is persistant! Now that the creek is dry the goats are able to get across and come munch on things as well. However, we have worked through that pretty well and they are helping mow some of the wild grape vines and apple trees. Here now the balance between preserving natural order and creating our own is tested. Especially important to remember is that we must think about the next seven generations. I often find myself stressed by the constant predations on my plantings. Then I remember to look at what works well. I remind myself that nature has balance and though it may seem that all is lost plants are amazingly efficient at converting sunlight into new growth. By preventing the animals from eating the fruits of my labor I am creating a situation that works in the short run but over time will fail. The landscape must allow all animals to live amongst it. It is my job to see this happen.