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Farm Happenings for November 2, 2023

Posted on October 30th, 2023 by Ilene Freedman


Soon we will have a frost that will put our summer beds to sleep for the winter rest. That’ll be it for tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, and basil. Meanwhile, the cool temps will sweeten carrots, turnips and leafy greens.


Next year summer and fall seasons will be combined for the full 26 week growing season, like most CSAs do. We were just taking a few trial years to build up our fall growing. Now we are ready for you!


Do you have some friends who would enjoy CSA next year? Help us spread the word to your friends.


This week you will see the reason fall is the season of the greens--the tatsoi, bok choi, lettuce, chard, curly kale and arugula are all their best selves in the cool fall weather. Pest pressure is low so leaves are in prime shape, cool weather sweetens them. Bountiful and beautiful...enjoy your fall greens!


Did you know...butternut squash is interchangeable for pumpkin in all your recipes for soups and baked goods. Even pie!


Thank you all for your support of our local farm and for joining the adventure of eating straight from the farm.


If your auto-renew is set to ON, it will renew this week on November 1. Otherwise, you can go to your Harvie profile and sign up for a 2024 share. Already?? Yep. We gather members early because we start growing the crops in early 2024. The early support keeps us going and growing!