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Farm Happenings for August 4, 2022

Posted on August 1st, 2022 by Ilene Freedman

What's Growing On:

We have lettuce in August! This is a tricky thing to accomplish. Phil has spent years selecting the right lettuce varieties and planting techniques in order to beat the heat and bugs of the hot season. Eggplant are on the menu! See the recipe for Baba Ganouj, a baked eggplant spread that is good in every way you might use hummus. You might select garlic in your share too, to use for this recipe. Patty pan squash continue to roll in...slice them along with zucchini, great in a pan or on the grill. Big patty round slices won't slip through grill grates as easily. Watermelon! We grow a pink variety called Crimson Sweet. Our sons used to grow the watermelons and sell them when they were young. They selected this variety for its harvest bounty, size and sweetness. It won't be deep red, but a lighter pink and oh so sweet. Potatoes are ready and the yield is looking great! Our potatoes are a thin-skinned delicate variety heirloom Maryland specialty potato called Kennebec. Weather-permitting, we invite you to dig some with us on Friday August 12, 10am-12pm. 


Baba Ganouj Recipe


Order EXTRAS when you customize your share:

10 pound flats of heirloom tomatoes

packs of 6 photo blank cards from the farm

Unless we indicate otherwise, our extras are always certified organic and grown at our farm.