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A Happy Harvest

Posted on June 24th, 2020 by Ilene Freedman

Farm Happening June 26

Happy to open up the CSA to Farm Stand customers for a Friday pickup this week. Welcome!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are currently a CSA member, do not place a Farm Stand order. 


Summer squash is a classic summer crop. I marinated a big yellow patty pan in a little olive oil and oregano, sliced it into rounds, and it’s ready for the grill. These big rounds won’t fall through the grill cracks! Nice. The zucchini row is going bonkers. You can park a chair in the garden to just sit and watch the zucchini grow. We harvest them every day or two. We accidentally waited three days, and now we have crazy big baking zucchini. Thank goodness those are delicious too. Here is a blog I wrote for Mother Earth News magazine that includes two recipes for baking with zucchini. The smaller ones are sautee zucchini. I enjoyed an omelette with sauteed zucchini. Patty pan and zucchini are both great sauteed and mixed with pasta. Enjoy the bounty!


We have flowers for you to pick and some fresh herbs! Maybe a few green beans too. 


Last week I took some kids exploring the garden during their visits. We searched for baby cucumbers (so small!) and watched the honey bees pollinate the cucumber flowers. We admired the potato patch, all flowering and bushy, growing potatoes underground. The eggplant plants have beautiful purple flowers! Please find me during your pickup if you would like a mini tour of what’s growing! Fun for all ages.


Our CSA memberships are sold out for this season, but we will continue to offer these pop-up shares on weeks that we have surplus, via this online Farm Stand. I hope you enjoy the Farm Stand!