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Pop-Up Week #23 - Pick Up

Posted on October 20th, 2023 by Bonnie and Rudy Geber

It's looking like a cold day for pick ups tomorrow, but we'll be there for it! Remember to swing by your pick up location to grab your vegetables this week. All pick ups are on THURSDAY this week, we'll be at:

- Antler's parking lot, 4-5:30

- On farm 1-4

The pic above shows Sam harvesting in the snow today. We've managed to utilize most all of our field crops before the cold snap, but this bed of beautiful radishes was too good to give up on. So we topped the roots and have the radishes safely stored away in our cooler...after the cold night they went through they're probably some of the sweetest radishes we've had. We're continuing to wrap up some end of season projects, installing hydrants, tarping field blocks, installing gates, and we have a load of compost being delivered tomorrow. We actually prefer to get our compost delivered in the Fall so that it can sit out all winter and soak up rain/snow, it tends to mellow the compost and also reduce the pH which is already on the high side on our farm. 

Stay warm! Rudy & Bonnie