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CSA Week #2 - Customize

Posted on May 31st, 2023 by Bonnie and Rudy Geber

Well, we made it through week #1 of the CSA about we go for week #2! For some of you (on an every other week schedule) this will be your first share. Welcome to all of our new members! Each week that you have a pick up, you'll get an email like this with any updates, news from the farm, reminders, and the ever important link to check on and make changes to the box you have coming. Between now and Monday at noon is your chance to make any swaps or add-ons. Speaking of add-ons, we have some excellent local producers that we've been working with for years and also some exciting new products starting this season. This week we've got:

- Farm Fresh eggs from the Miller Farm

- Bread and Bagels from The Gracious Table

- Pork from Double N Farms

- Fresh pressed apple cider from Farm to Market Store

- Honey from McLaury Apiaries

- Plant Starts and dahlia tubers from our own farm

- Our fabulous Hoot Owl Farm tee-shirts. If you choose to get a shirt, then you can let us know what color and size you'd like at your pick up. We have cream, green and yellow available in adult sizes S-3XL, and yellow available in kids S-L, and even some cute onesies for little ones!

We anticipate a lot of crop growth (and weeds growth!) next week as we're getting rain now with warmer temps on the way. So we will stay busy preparing for next week's CSA and market, and fighting the good fight to keep those weeds at bay.  

See you all soon, and let us know if you have any questions!

Cheers, Bonnie & Rudy

Photo above is of a crimson clover/vetch cover crop that is blooming beautifully now with red and purple blooms. We're about ready to mow it down, then the residue will be covered with a tarp for a couple of weeks to break down. Those places will be where we seed and plant fall storage root crops like carrots, beets and parsnips.

PS. A reminder...Most of you are on the default payment plan for your CSA Share (unless you opted to pay all at once). The payment plan a-goes like-a-this: When you signed up, you were charged 25% of the total cost of the CSA share. At your first pick up, you'll be charged another 25%, and the remaining 50% will be spread across all of the pick ups in the season. So you'll see a larger charge this week because it's charging for that 25%. Hope that's clearer than mud, the payment plan is something we get a lot of questions on (so if you asked one, you're not alone!). It is a little confusing, but it offers us the chance to get some upfront payments (to buy seed!) and offers our members the option to not pay too much up front. 

PPS. This may be the first trip to the Farmers Market for some of you that pick up on Thursdays. The market is at it's busiest in the first hour, so if all you want to do it slip in and grab your share (and avoid a crowd or parking) it'll be calmer after 5. We do keep all of your shares in 'Vanna White' our insulated delivery van, so they're kept cool for whenever you decide to pick up.