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Pop-Up Week #24 - Order

Posted on October 27th, 2022 by Bonnie and Rudy Geber

We're a little late getting our online Farm Stand open this week, but we'll make up for it by leaving it open longer -- until Tuesday at noon. Also, we're lowering our minimum order value to $15 as we have less variety to offer now that the cold temps have finally found us. But, we do still have lots of great produce available including our 5lb. bags of storage carrots (orange and rainbow), winter squash, and the last of the bell peppers and garlic. We also have the delicious bagels and breads back from the Gracious Table and super sweet honey from McLaury Apiaries. Another change with this week's Farm Stand is that we're going to do the Libby pick up on Friday afternoon (Antler's parking lot) instead of Thursday, so we'll have on farm pick up AND in town pick ups both on Friday. 

This week marked the final planting of the season as we got our garlic planted just before the weather turned. It seems like we have a knack for waiting just a bit too long and are usually planting in a snow storm, so it was a nice change of scene this year to be planting on a sunny dry day. The other benefit was that we had many hands planting and the job was much more pleasant and quick because of it. We'll be spending the week ahead cleaning up crop debris, irrigation lines, and spreading compost (a new batch just delivered) on some beds to get a head start on spring bed prep. Our dahlias, which are amazingly still alive as I write this, will most certainly not survive the cold temps expected tonight, so we expect to begin the task of digging and dividing those tubers this week as well. 

We're going to commit to being non-committal on whether we'll be able to do more Farm Stand boxes after this week. This Fall has taught us that what we're able to harvest and grow in the shoulder seasons is extremely weather dependent and the best way to deal with that is to roll with the punches and don't plan too far ahead! So for now, the Farm Stand is open and we'll keep you updated for the following week! Stay warm and dry this chilly weekend and enjoy a cup of tea!

Cheers, Rudy & Bonnie