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Pop-Up Week #21 - Pick Up

Posted on September 30th, 2022 by Bonnie and Rudy Geber

There's a lot going on in this picture - I mean, even besides the carrot posing going on by Ethan and Hans in the front! We are harvesting bulk carrots here, and it's a whole crew activity and it takes a LONG time. So the more people working together the better. We're still less than half way done with our fall storage carrot harvest, so we'll be out doing more of this next week. We're using a digging fork to loosen the carrots, then twisting off the greens right in the field (i.e. big piles of carrot tops). We fill bins with carrots and then taking them to the outside wash stations (two going in the background - nice work Mark and Sam!). We wash them right out in the field because it's a big job with a lot of soil to wash off rather than clogging our screens and drains in the wash/pack. Once the carrots are washed, we'll let them dry a bit and then bag them into 5lb bags and that's how they'll be making it to you...if you've ordered one this week. If you forgot or didn't get enough, fear not, there will be more...and more...and more to come!

Don't forget to grab your Farm Stand box this week. If you're picking up in Libby tomorrow (3:30-5), there won't be a market going on, but we'll be there in the parking lot with your box! 

Cheers, Bonnie & Rudy