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CSA Week #6 Customize

Posted on June 22nd, 2022 by Bonnie and Rudy Geber

Well, we just don't know what to think about our prospects for weather. So far this week we've seen near freezing, super hard rain, hot and humid, AND thunder and lightning. I'll tell you what - I'm glad I'm not a plant that needs to suffer through all of it. We do get our fair share of the elements working on our farm, but it is awfully nice to escape to a nice cool house (or warm depending!) after the work is done. It's quite amazing that so many of the crops that we plant manage to thrive in these ever changing conditions. 

Even though we're getting rain at the moment, we feel the heat of summer creeping in. It's been quite a delayed start this year, but we're beginning to shift our attention to irrigation -- which unbelievable still hasn't fully been set up for some areas. It's been a real gift to have had extra time this year to focus on other projects instead of worrying about getting all of the crops their proper amount of water. But, the proof is in the pudding as they say, and we're getting into late-June and irrigation can be put off no longer. So this next week will have a lot of new tasks that are related to timer installation, drip and overhead sprinker set up, and filter cleaning. 

It's time to customize your shares for next week's pick up. Be sure to jump over to your profile before the Monday at noon cut off time. While you're tinkering with your box, don't forget to check out the items available from other producers and our own non-produce items, we've got a couple of new items this week as the flower power out at Dragon's Breath Farm is picking up for the season. This week, we’ve got:

- Farm Fresh eggs from the Miller Farm

- Bread and Bagels from The Gracious Table - have I mentioned that the week simply isn't right unless we have our 'morning-after-market' breakfast of everything bagels and cream cheese!

- Honey from McLaury Apiaries

- Beautiful bouquets and edible flowers to add to your salads from Dragon's Breath Farm

- Our fabulous new Hoot Owl Farm tee-shirts. If you choose to get a shirt, then you can let us know what color and size you'd like at your pick up. We have cream and green available in adult sizes S-3XL, and yellow available in kids S-L, also some yellow adult shirts in sizes S-XL, and some teenie weenie onesies (yellow & grey) for the littlest Hoot Owl supporters!

Cheers, Rudy & Bonnie