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CSA Week #15-B

Posted on August 20th, 2021 by Bonnie and Rudy Geber

It's been a major harvest week for us and we were really glad to have an extra hand on deck for a little bit. Bonnie's cousin Mali showed up for work while visiting, and ended up harvesting cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes and LOTS of onions - a well rounded visit for sure -- Thanks, Mali!!

We have most of our storage onions out of the ground and curing, and have started digging potatoes. We have more to do to finish both of those big harvests, but we hope to make some major progress on Friday. We used to dig potatoes totally by hand, which was such a job that it almost made us want to stop growing potatoes every year! Then we tended to forget about it over the winter and order up plenty of seed potatoes anyway. Last season we got a potato digger, which is pulled behind our walking tractor and basically digs down under the potatoes, loosens the soil and forces them to rise towards the surface. It's not perfect, and we do end up basically working through all of the soil by hand, but it does help quite a bit to lessen the overall backache of the job. Expect to see potatoes as an option in your boxes soon! First up is our Adirondack Blue potatoes, and we also have a general all-purpose potato, Kennebec. 

Looks like a beautiful day tomorrow for a market. We look forward to seeing you all there or at the On Farm Friday pick up!

Your Farmers, Rudy & Bonnie