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CSA Week #13-A

Posted on August 10th, 2021 by Bonnie and Rudy Geber

It's week 13 and let's hope it's actually a lucky one, huh? It's time to get into your Harvie boxes and switch/swap/add to customize them to your liking. We have several exciting new and also some exciting old extras available this week. First up are delicious farm fresh eggs from the Miller Farm, next we have bread and bagels from the ever talented Gracious Table, the sweetest honey around from McLaury Apiaries, and the new... We have a few 10# flats of bulk tomatoes this week, we're never sure how much the harvest will be, so we're starting off slow here. Also, flowers from Dragon's Breath Farm are back! We have summer bouquets as well as Gladiolus Bouquets available this week. The gladiolus come from our farm, but notice how their called 'bouquet' instead of 'bunch' this week. That means there's quite a bit of talent and artistry involved to make these things beautiful rather than just bunching them together as is our custom as veggie-only-growers lol.

At the end of every season, we always do a CSA member survey. One of the things that we heard a lot of last season was, 'more herbs!'. We don't want to be known as the farmers that ask, but don't listen, so we went ahead and ran with that. We planted an herb block this summer with a few additions to the basil and cilantro that we regularly do. We're starting off with just a few herb items in our estimate for this week as we're not exactly sure how difficult they'll be to harvest and package...or what the yield will be, so bear with us as we venture into the fresh herb space. This week there will be fresh ****, sage, rosemary and thyme. Who got it?? The **** was to show that, NO, we do not have parsley for those folks who automatically started singing Scarborough Fair in their heads (or out loud?).  

We're looking forward to a few days ahead of cooler temperatures and I'm sure you are too. These cooler night time temperatures are coming at an excellent time because our crop plan is telling us to start seeding spinach again. And the first couple of rounds of it are notoriously difficult to germinate well as it's so hot still during the days. Cool night time temperatures help, keeping the soil moist does too, and interestingly so does refrigerating the seed prior to we'll be doing all three!

Have a good weekend! Cheers, Rudy & Bonnie