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CSA Week #9

Posted on July 9th, 2021 by Bonnie and Rudy Geber

Not quite slicer tomato season yet, but this pic is to assure you that it's coming! We will be putting more cherry tomatoes into your boxes this week, but the harvest still hasn't picked up enough that they're unlimited, so the Harvie algorithm will likely decide whether some shows up in your box or not this week. This is week #9, and that means it's the official half way point of the CSA season, hard to believe as we still feel a little bit like we're just starting (also a little bit like we never stopped from last year lol!). So get into your Harvie profiles and switch, swap and add to your stomach's content. Also, don't forget to add on some of our fabulous extras - we've got farm fresh eggs from the Miller Farm, locally produced honey from McLaury Apiaries, and delicious fresh baked bread and bagels from the Gracious Table. 

The week ahead is looking, well...full, as pretty much every week of the summer season does! We're planning to get some major seedings done this week that are actually the last of the season for certain crops - i.e. it's time to direct seed a large block of storage carrots for the fall. It's critical to get these carrots into the ground with plenty of time to size up. We also need to really watch to make sure we get good germination - to do that, we ensure that we have a nice uniform seed bed to begin with and we keep the soil moist during the critical first couple of weeks. The trick we use to keep the moisture in the soil is to irrigate those freshly seeded carrots well and then cover the whole block with a tarp. The tarp keeps the moisture from evaporation during the scorching days we've been having. The clincher here is to make sure we remove the tarp at the first sign of carrot germination...they do also need light of course!

We hope you all have a good weekend, and please let us know if you have any questions about Harvie or customizing your boxes for next week. Remember that now is also the time to put your box on hold if you know you're going to miss your pick up, or reschedule it if you already know when you'd like to move the pick up to. You are also able to change your pick up location from on farm to market or vice versa in case you'd like a different scene for next week. 

Cheers, Rudy & Bonnie