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CSA Week #12

Posted on July 31st, 2020 by Bonnie and Rudy Geber

It's pick up time for week #12. Remember to grab your market bag and make it to your chosen pick up location to grab your goods for the week! Should be a great day for the market, it'll be slightly cooler and a bit breezy so that should help with the overheating that we've all been dealing with for the past several markets!...And, we also hear that the seafood folks will be attending this one, YUM!

A couple of tips for navigating the new CSA season with the Harvie system...

1) It seems like getting the emails that you want is a big problem in this day and age, isn't it? For a receiver of emails, you are often bombarded with spam, junk, ads, and offers of very much money if you would only share your social security number! So that makes us ramp up our junk filters, but that means that sometimes emails that you want won't get through. For us as email senders, it's a real drag to upgrade to an email delivery system (like MailChimp) and realize that those emails are much more likely to get snagged in junk filter nets. Anyway, there's no magic solution for this conundrum, but if you haven't been receiving emails or want to be proactive about it, Harvie recommends 'whitelisting' them. That means just putting in the emails address that Harvie emails come from into your contacts or marking it as a 'safe' email ( While you're at it, you could add us as well (! 

2) Remember that you don't need to get the email reminders to check in on the status of your CSA or Farm Stand deliveries, you just have to login to your profile at The only time that you'll be able to change the contents of your share is still within the customization window Friday afternoon to Monday @ 10am, but you can edit other aspects of your profile anytime. For example, reschedule shares, change or add an email address, or my personal fave - revisit old Farm Happenings nostalgically!

We're really liking the ability to sell extra Farm Stand boxes that Harvie has offered this year. With all of the issues that COVID has brought, it has been a really good tool for us to have to adapt our business. Right now we are packing 60+ boxes a week, that's at least 20 in addition to our CSA members! Thanks to Vanna White, we're no longer limited by space, but now our next limitation is running out of boxes!

Hope you all enjoy your box this week. Remember to shoot us any awesome recipes that you come across and we'll share with the group. See you at pick up,

Cheers, Rudy & Bonnie