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CSA Week #8

Posted on July 3rd, 2020 by Bonnie and Rudy Geber

Hi All - Remember to visit your favorite farmers and pick up your box this week at your designated spot! Looks like a beautiful day for a market tomorrow, and for many days after =)

Since most of you are getting some summer squash in your boxes this week, wanted to share a few tidbits on that particular crop. What we simply call 'summer squash' is actually a mix of several different kinds of summer squash. We grow four different varieties of zucchini (Golden Glory, Dunja, Costa Romanesco, and Safari) and also patty pans. We pick all of these squash when they are small and at their peak, so there's no need to peel them; in fact, in my opinion, the peel is the best part! Out go to ways for eating summer squash are three-fold...

1) Grill them! Just cut them in half, brush with olive oil, maybe add some salt/pepper or other spices, and throw them on the grill. If you only cook them minimally (about 2-3 minutes each side) they remain nice and crisp. But, they are best if eaten right away or else they'll turn softish, so cook them last and dig in. 

2) Saute them! Chunk up all of the summer squash and saute with butter or olive oil, often adding onions, greens, garlic, etc. 

3) Pizza! As with most of the crops that we grow, adding them to pizza is one of our most common ways to quickly add vegetables to a meal. Simply cut up a zucchini (like pepperoni slices) and add to the top of a pizza and cook as normal. 

We'll be back down to just the two of us at market tomorrow, so bear with us if you happen to show up at a busy time. It was nice to have a third person last week (Thanks Jodi!), so we might look into having someone helping in the future.  

A few things to remember:

- If you're picking up at the CSA/Farm Stand tent and also want to purchase something additional from the market tents, just ask Rudy and he can help you out from the pick up tent - no lines!

- There are other options if you'd like to be even more 'contact-less' than is possible at the market. 1) You can use the pick up parking spot right by the market master tent. Someone will take your name and run over to pick up your order. 2) You can also opt to pick up at the farm on Friday afternoons, changing your pick up location can be done during the customization window just like rescheduling or swapping items. 3) Simply picking up your box towards the end of the pick up window at market also ensures that there will be much less people around. 

- It's super helpful for us to not have a big influx of box pick ups at the same time as market customers, so if you're not particular on what time you pick up during the window, consider coming during the later half. The market is much less busy and we'll have more time to answer any questions you might have or just chat! We totally understand if you come early to pick up too tho - there's scheduling, shopping at other vendors, or maybe you just want to see what's available early - NO PROBLEM! =)

Cheers, Bonnie & Rudy