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LAST Autumn CSA! Stock Up for Thanksgiving! Amazing Thanksgiving extras to spread the local cheer!

Posted on November 11th, 2022 by Sarah Duprey

 We've reached the end of the fall share! And it's time for Thanksgiving! We have got everything that you need for your Thanksgiving, whether your hosting a dinner or bringing a cheese plate to share!  Apples, cheese, cranberries, all kinds of amazing preserves to wow your table.  I for one am excited to scarf down the Frost Gully cheese with the Sweet and Spicy Pepper Jelly! We've had a lot of fun curating the veggie options this week to support a fun and local Thanksgiving Day feast (or not should you choose) and sourcing the extra items to go with this week's veggies.  We hope you love it and have some local fun this holiday season (oh we're bringing the local goodness come Christmas too!).  We also have some bulk items if you want to stock up!  You can swap these 5lb bags into your box if you want to either cook in bulk for the holiday or stock up your crisper with all the carrots you'll ever need!

 It's also our last delivery of the Autumn CSA AND our last delivery using the Harvie software as we make the transition over to new software. To keep the veggies rolling through the winter, you've got to sign-up and register in our new system, which means creating a new login and password! If you've already signed up for a Winter or Spring Share - you've already done this and you are all set!

 Create a Login Account Here in our NEW Software System

Once you create a new login account, you can either signup for a Winter and Spring share with us from our "virtual storefront" or simply hang tight till we launch our Summer shares next year, if you'd rather not sign up for Winter. We know switching to a new system is always a learning curve, and really appreciate your dedication to us as your farmers despite the hassle of making this change. We promise that switching over to CSAware will give us a better opportunity to provide you, our wonderful members, with better customer service, and handle SO many more things as your farmers rather than going through the "middle man" service of Harvie. 


Since it's Thanksgiving, and we can't choose just ONE veggie of the week... we've given you three of our favorite recipes for some of the classic, seasonal veg on the list this week! We hope it makes your meal planning a little bit easier and gives some inspiration for your holiday feast!