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Autumn Harvest Share - Week 3

Posted on October 27th, 2022 by Sarah Duprey

Winter and Spring sign-ups are now open NOW!

While it is definitely fall (crisp mornings, check, dry breezy afternoons, check), it does not feel like nearly November - NOVEMBER!  I'm shaking my head in disbelief looking out at this sunny day, wondering where the Novembers of the past have gone.  My memories of learning to farm in Maine just 12 years ago are so, so different than now.  Things would be FROZEN in the mornings, the grass was mostly dead, snow was impending.  This year is one for the books.  The upside to this incredibly mild weather is that the crew's super hard work to get all of our storage vegetables out of the ground and into coolers in preparation for the winter is much more efficient when were not all freezing our butts off in a biting wind.  As a result, we are ahead of schedule (or maybe just on schedule - a weird feeling on a farm) in terms of our harvest.  I'm feeling so much gratitude for this at the moment - the end of the season is an under-talked-about stress point for veggie farmers.  Snow and ice and cold cold rain can really damage all the hard work the team has put in all season long to keep crops weeded and growing healthfully.  Staffing at the end of the year is always challenging too, as the college bound return to school and our amazing guest workers head home - it leaves a lot of cold, hard work in the hands of our amazing year-round team.  So to say that this year, we're pulling out an incredible amount of vegetables on a timely schedule, makes my heart so so happy, and so so grateful for the team's hard work.  This year especially, it's wonderful as all my winter admin deadlines are bumped to accommodate our newest farm arrival, our second baby girl scheduled (fingers crossed) to arrive sometime in mid-January.  

Folks, we have so much amazing produce stored for the winter!  All of our coolers are almost completely full - and we're not done hauling out all the veggies yet!  And I haven't even mentioned that we've greatly expanded our greens plantings for the winter, so we'll be in cold hardy greens straight through May, our Winter and Spring shares will be fully stocked with all the amazing winter staples that Maine can provide.  Winter squash, carrots, greens, beets, sweet potatoes, onions, and potatoes, potatoes potatoes! Our winter and spring sales have been a little slow, so if you haven't jumped on board yet, now is the chance to support your favorite farmers and sign-up for our Winter and Spring CSAs.  


 The sign-up link for Winter and Summer Shares is here:

You can find the details on the shares here:


Also - if you have Autumn Shares on hold, please don't forget to reschedule them!  You can do so in your account here  Click Here To Reschedule. The deadline to reschedule a share for the last week of Autumn deliveries, the cut-off is 11/11 at 12:00 PM.  If you will be gone the last week of deliveries (11/14), contact the farm this weekend ASAP and BEFORE SUNDAY at 5PM to reschedule your share for this coming week.