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Harvest Tide Organics is a certified organic family farm in Bowdoinham, Maine that strives to provide Southern Maine families and businesses with local, sustainably-grown produce year round. We deliver customizable community supported agriculture shares to workplaces and community hubs Brunswick, Portland, and Lewiston/Auburn in an effort to make local, organic produce accessible and easy for all.

LAST Autumn CSA! Stock Up for Thanksgiving! Amazing Thanksgiving extras to spread the local cheer!

Posted on November 11th 2022 by Sarah Duprey

 We've reached the end of the fall share! And it's time for Thanksgiving! We have got everything that you need for your Thanksgiving, whether your hosting a dinner or bringing a cheese plate to share!  Apples, cheese, cranberries, all kinds of amazing preserves to wow your table.  I for one am excited to scarf down the Frost Gully... read more »

Beet Greens
Bok Choy
Brussel Sprouts
Chinese Cabbage
Collard Greens
Daikon Radish
Garlic Scapes
Green Beans
Hakurei Turnip
Husk Cherries
Tosdano Kale
Mesclun Mix
Pea Shoots
Peas, Sugar Snap
Peppers, Hot
Peas, Snow
Peppers, Sweet
Red Onions
Salad Greens
Salad Mix
Squash, Butternut
Squash, Spaghetti
Squash, Summer
Squash, Winter
Stir Fry Greens Mix
Sunflower Sprouts
Sweet Potato
Tomatoes, Cherry
Hakurei Turnips
Kale Raab
Baby Kale
Asian Greens
East of Eden Seasonal Bouquet
Local, Organic Eggs from Sparrow Farm
High Bush Blueberries from Fairwinds Farm (conventionally grown)
Local, no spray peaches from the Locust Grove
Organic, Local Cranberries from Sparrow Farm
Strawberry Basil Spreadable Fruit - Turtle Rock Farm
Dry Beans
Dill Pickles
Micro Greens
Medium Roast Coffee Beans
Pickled Okra
Apple Cider
Passata from Turtle Rock Farm
Celeriac from Stonecipher Farm (2 heads)
Yellow All-purpose Potatoes 5 lb Bag
Orange Carrots, bagged
Carnival Acorn Squash
Kohlrabi Ginger Sauerkraut from Gracie's Garden
Microgreen Cilantro from Morning Dew Farm
Green Savoy Cabbage
Purple Top Turnips - 2lbs
Toscano Kale
Green Kohlrabi
Koginut Squash
Pea Shoots from Morning Dew Farm
Maine Grains Organic Rolled Oats 1.75lb bag
Donation to New Roots Cooperative Farm $10.00
Purple Kohlrabi - 2 per
Arugula Microgreens from Morning Dew Farm
Purple Potatoes with Yellow Flesh
Beet& Kale Micro Blend from Morning Dew Farm
Baby Kale
Fingerling Potatoes
Cornmeal (local, no-spray) - Fairwinds Farm
Kale Blend from Morning Dew Farm
Specialty Japanese Squash
Cured Rosemary Maple Bacon 10oz. - A Small Good
Plain Conchiglie (shells) - The Maine Meal
Cracked Black Peppercorn Gigli 1lb. - The Maine Meal
Brown Butter Breakfast Sausage 10oz - A Small Good
Dry Beans (local no-spray) - Fairwinds Farm
Feta Cheese - Winter Hill Farm
All Purpose White Potatoes
Farmstead Yogurt - Winter Hill Farm
Local, Organic Firm Tofu - Heiwa Tofu
Dark Roast Whole Coffee Beans - Moses Dyer
Raw Whole Milk - Winter Hill Farm
Medium Roast Whole Coffee Beans - Moses Dyer
Yogurt (whole milk) 1qt - Winter Hill Farm
Raw Whole Milk - Winter Hill Farm
Heiwa Organic Tofu
Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee 1lb - Moses Dyer Coffee
Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee 1lb. - Moses Dyer
Sungold Cherry Tomato Seedling
Cherry Bomb Cherry Tomato Seedling
Carbon Heirloom Tomato Seedling
Valencia Heirloom Tomato Seedling
Striped German Heirloom Tomato Seedling
Green Zebra Heirloom Tomato Seedling
Cherokee Green Heirloom Seedling
Galahad Beefsteak Tomato Seedling
New Girl Slicer Tomato Seedling
Brandywine Beefsteak Tomato Seedling
Annina Eggplant Seedling
Traviata Eggplant Seedling
Rosa Bianca Eggplant Seedling
Dancer Eggplant Seedling
X3R Knight Bell Pepper Seedling
Sweet Sunrise Bell Pepper Seedling
Islander Bell Pepper Seedling
Carmen Corno di Toro Pepper Seedling
Escamillo Corno di Toro Pepper Seedling
Bastan Poblano Pepper Seedling
Shisito Pepper Seedling
Lunch Box Snacking Peppers
Goddess Banana Pepper Seedling
Jalafuego Jalapeno Pepper Seedling
Black Magic Jalapeño Pepper Seedling
Dunja Zucchini Seedling
Marketmore Slicing Cucumber Seedling
Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Seedling
Knucklehead Pumpkin Seedling
Cargo Pumpkin Seedling
Metro Butternut Squash Seedling
Delicata Squash Seedling
Swiss Chard Seedlings
Spinach Seedlings
Kale Mix Seedlings
Head Lettuce Seedlings
Scallion Seedlings
Jewel Mix Nasturtium Seedlings
Benary's Giant Mix Seedlings
Brush Strokes Viola Seedlings
Sorbet Formula Viola Seedlings
Gold Rush Sunflower Seedlings
Starburst Greenburst Sunflower Seedlings
Strawberry Lemonade Sunflower Seedlings
Durango Outback Mix Marigold Seedlings
Slick Pik Summer Squash Seedling
Sarah's Choice Cantaloupe Seedling
Little Leaf Pickling Cucumber Seedling
Genovese Basil Seedlings - 4 pack
Lemon Basil Seedling
Cinnamon Basil Seedling
Wooly Thyme Seedling
English Thyme Seedling
BBQ Rosemary Seedling
Mrs. Howards Rosemary Seedling
Mojito Mint Seedling
Emerald & Gold Mint Seedling
Golden Sage Seedling
Chamomile Seedling
Purple Echinacea Seedling
Culinary Herb 4-pack Seedlings (Golden Sage, English thyme, Oregano, BBQ Rosemary)
Autumn Beauty Sunflower Seedlings
Cured Italian Sausage 10oz. - A Small Good
Bunched Orange Carrots
Ruby Chard Bunch
Curly Kale Bunch
All-purpose Potatoes
Fresh Onion Bunch - Yellow
Organic, Pasture-Raised Eggs - Apple Creek Farm
Spicy Mesclun Salad Mix
Fresh Red Onions
Mini Red Butterhead Lettiuce
Romaine Lettuce Head
Black Peppercorn Fresh Trecce 1lb - The Main Meal
Ale Washed "Terzetto" Cheese - Winter Hill Farm
Unsalted Grass-Fed Butter - Casco Bay Creamery
Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee 1lb. - Moses Dyer Coffee
Thai Basil Seedling
Fresh Bunched Beets
Baby Lettuce Mix
Red Buttehead Lettuce
Herbed Chevre in Oil - Kennebec Cheesery
Local IPM Strawberries - Fairwinds Farm
Plain Pappardelle Fresh Pasta 1lb - The Maine Meal
Baby Bok Choy
Bunched Beets
Baby Lettuce Salad Mix
"Landslide" Gouda Cheese - Fuzzy Udder Creamery
Genovese Basil 4-pack Seedlings
Baby Leeks
Thai Basil 4-pack Seedlings
Rainbow Trottle Fresh Pasta 1lb bag - The Maine Meal
Head of Lettuce
Red Russian Baby Kale
Mini Cabbage Head
Tide Line Cheese - Winter Hill Farm
Lemon Basil
Spelt Radiatore Fresh Pasta - The Maine Meal
Napa Cabbage
White New Potatoes
Sugar Snap Peas
"Collingsbrook" Aged Italian Cheese - Winter Hill Farm
Cherry Tomatoes
Spicy Salad Mix
Rustic Mix Rigatoni - The Maine Meal
Garden Mix Linguine 1lb - The Maine Meal
Plain Bavette Fresh Pasta 1lb. - The Maine Meal
Highbush IPM Maine Blueberries - Fairwinds Farm
Bulk Pickling Cucumbers 15lbs.
Babushka's Kraut 16oz. Jar - Gracie's Garden
Basket Ricotta 3/4lb - Lakin's Gorges Cheese
Flower Power Mix Gigli 1lb - The Maine Meal
Genovese Basil
"Earthfall" Swiss Cheese - Fuzzy Udder Creamery
Flower Power Mix Gigli - The Main Meal
Ruby Swiss Chard
Bunched Baby Beets
Red New Potatoes
Green and Purple Peppers
Local Organic Eggs from Apple Creek Farm
Mini Romaine 2 Heads
Sweet Banana Peppers - 2 peppers
Summer Green Cabbage
Green Bell Pepper
Summer Yellow Onions
Slicing Tomatoes
Purple Bell Pepper
Waldo Smog Cheese - Fuzzy Udder Creamery
Babushka's Kraut with Dill & Cucumbers - Gracie's Garden
Low-Gluten Spelt Linguine 1lb - The Maine Meal
Jalapenos - 4 peppers
Shishito Pepper
Banana Peppers - 2 Peppers
Summer Onions
Cornos Peppers
Bulk Pickling Cukes 5 lbs
Green Curly Kale
Sweet Cornos and Bell 2ndsPepper 10 lb BULK
Sweet Basil
Italian Eggplant
Banana Peppers
Bulk Pickling Cucumbers 5lbs
Everett's Tome - Winter Hill Farm
Batavian Head Lettuce
Red or Yellow Bell Pepper
Mother Earth Mix Fusili 1lb - The Maine Meal
Maine Yellow Peaches 2lbs (not organic) - Kelly Orchards
Jersey Mac Apples (IPM) 2lbs - The Apple Farm
Bulk Basil for Pesto 1.5 lb bag
Milton Apples (IPM) 3lbs - The Apple Farm
Brie Style "Small Craft Advisory" - Fuzzy Udder
Buckwheat Trecce (without gluten) 1lb - The Maine Meal
Onions, Mixed 5 lbs Bag BULK
Red Leaf Lettuce
Snacking Peppers
Swiss Chard
Asian Eggplant
St. Lawrence Heirloom Apples (IPM) 3lbs - The Apple Farm
Spinach Tagliatelle 1lb - The Maine Meal
Poblano Peppers
Yellow Bell Pepper
Yellow Potatoes
Green Tomatoes - 2lbs.
Asian Greens Salad Mix
Fresh Baby Ginger 1/3lb. - Stonechipher Farm
Cortland Apples (IPM) 3lbs - The Apple Farm
Fresh-Pressed Apple Cider 1/2 gallon (not organic) - The Apple Farm
Bradbury Mountain Blue Cheese - Winter Hill Farm
Red or Yellow Sweet Pepper
5 lb Bag White Potatoes
Mini Romaine Heads (2 Per)
5 lb Bag Red Potatoes
Delicata (2 small)
Buckwheat Bigoli (without gluten) 1lb. - The Maine Meal
Fresh Herbed Sheep & Goat's Milk Cheese - Fuzzy Udder Creamery
5 lb. Bag Carrots
Russet Potatoes
Herbed Sheep & Goat's Milk Fresh Cheese - Fuzzy Udder Creamery
White All-purpose Potatoes
Macoun Apples (IPM) 3lbs - The Apple Farm
Ruby Sauerkraut 16oz jar - 30 Acre Farm
Halloween Mix Rigatoni 1lb - The Maine Meal
"Everett's Tome" raw milk cheese - Winter Hill Farm
Carrots 5 lb BULK bag
Beets 5 lb bag BULK
Jalapeno - pint
Stirfry Greens Mix
Maine Grains Organic Pearled Farro 2.4lb bag
Smoked Cheddar Cheese
Carrots - 2lb bag
Salad Turnips
Smoked Cheddar Cheese - Pineland Farms
Starry Night Acorn Squash
Grey Pearmain Heirloom Apples 3lbs (IPM) - The Apple Farm
Spicy Squash Radiatore 1lb - The Maine Meal
Jalapeno Pepper Pint
Yellow Potatoes - 1.5 lbs
Mini Romaine - 3 per
Banana Peppers - 3 each
Purple Fingerling Potatoes
Fingerling Potatoes
Poblano Peppers - 4 each
Organic Cranberries 1lb- Birch Bog Farm
Ida Red Apples (IPM) 3lbs - The Apple Farm
Ginger Cranberry Sauce 12oz. (Organic) - Turtle Rock Farm
Celery Root
Sweet Potatoes - 2lb bag
Pie Pumpkin
Red Potatoes
Big Butternut Squash
5lb Bag Yukon Gold-style Potatoes
Rutabaga - 2lbs
5lb Bag White All-purpose Potatoes
Delicata - 2 small
Purple Cabbage
Black Oxford Heirloom Apples 3lb bag (IPM) - The Apple Farm
Butternut Squash - small
Mini Romaine 3 per share
Organic Tomato Passata - Turtle Rock Farm
Golden Russet Heirloom Apples 3lb bag (IPM) - The Apple Farm
"Snow Pond" Goats milk Brie - Kennebec Cheesery
Cajeta Goat's Milk Caramel - Kennebec Cheesery
Maple & Garlic Trecce 1lb - The Maine Meal
Purple Napa Cabbage
Yellow fingerling potatoes
Rainbow Carrots
Rainbow Swiss Chard
"Snow Pond" Goat's Milk Brie - Kennebec Cheesery
Jester - Fat Delicata Style Squash
Spicy Squash Malfadine 1lb. - The Maine Meal
Garlic Scape Vinegar - Urban Farm Fermentory
Green Cabbage
Winter Radish Mix
Butternut Squash - 2 per
Koginut Squash - Medium
"Fiery Garlic" Chevre in Olive Oil - Abraham's Creamery
Jonagold Organic Apples 3lbs - Ricker Hill
10lb bag Jonagold Organic Apples - Ricker Hill
Parsnips - 2lb bag
Purple Top Turnips - 1.5lb bag
Yellow Onions
Magic Molly Fingerling Potatoes
Jonagold Organic Apples 3lb bag - Ricker Hill
Plain Linguine - The Maine Meal
Wild Blueberry Spreadable Fruit - Turtle Rock Farm
Rutabaga - 1.5lb bag
Kennebec All-purpose Potatoes - 2lb bag
Microgreen Cilantro 1oz - Morning Dew Farm
Micro Medley 2oz - Morning Dew Farm
Pea Shoots 2oz. - Morning Dew Farm
Jester (medium) - Delicata Style Squash
Butternut Squash
Organic Shallots from Checkerberry Farm
Yellow Potatoes 2 lb bag
A Small Good Ramp Salami
Pinto Gold Fingerling POtatoes
Dill Microgreens from Morning Dew Farm
Tomato Herb Sauce - Turtle Rock Farm
Satina Yellow Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes
Herb Micro Mix 1oz - Morning Dew Farm
Roasted Garlic & Maple Tripoline 1lb - The Maine Meal
Donation to PFAS Emergency Relief Fund
Micro Mix 2oz. - Morning Dew Farm
Watermelon Radish - 1.5lb bag
No-Spray Popcorn 1lb - Fairwinds Farm
Purple Top Turnips
Black Peppercorn Fresh Trecce 1lb - The Maine Meal
Tetsukobuto Squash
Tuscan Herbed Cheddar - Silvery Moon Creamery
Watermelon Radish
Golden Kraut 16oz - Gracie's Garden
Purple Carrots
Italian Herb Spice Kit
Daikon Radish Mix
R&R Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese
Roasted Garlic & Maple Linguine 1lb - The Maine Meal
Stone-ground Whole Wheat Flour - 2lb bag
Stone-Ground Whole Wheat PASTRY Flour - 2lb bag
Non-GMO Sunflower Oil 750ml - Yost Farms
Choy Sum
Fresh White Onions
Roasted Tomato Linguine 1lb - The Maine Meal
Black Peppercorn Trottle 1lb - The Maine Meal
Butterhead Lettuce
Local Flower Bouquet - Winter Hill Farm
French-style Tomme "Tempest" - Fuzzy Udder Creamery
Organic Rhubarb 1lb
Purple Cauliflower
Firecracker Mix Gigli 1lb
Angel Hair Pasta - The Maine Meal
Caraflex cabbage
Purple Broccolini
Green Garlic
Organic Ground Beef 1lb - Misty Brook Farm
Organic Breakfast Links - Misty Brook Farm
Organic Garlic Links - Misty Brook Farm
Organic Hot Links - Misty Brook Farm
O'Summer Hot Sauce - Farthest Field Farm
Lantern Light Hot Sauce - Farthest Field Farm
No-Anchovy Kimchi - Gracie's Garden
Spinach Fusilli 1lb - The Maine Meal
"Cheddy Topper" Cheddar - Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company
Spicy Dill Pickles - Olde Haven Farm
Honey Garlic Carrots - Olde Haven Farm
Peach & Ginger Jam - Olde Haven Farm
Yellow New Potatoes
Smoked Mozzarella - Maplebrook Farm
Pizza Dough - The Good Crust
Red Heirloom Onions
Plain Radiatore 1lb - The Maine Meal
Wild Maine Blueberries (Certified Organic)
Beet Chitarra 1lb - The Maine Meal
Heirloom Tomatoes
Red Slicing Tomatoes
Local Strawberries (IPM) - Stevenson's Strawberries
Roasted Tomato Tripoline 1lb - The Maine Meal
Bulk Paste Tomatoes - 15lbs
Bulk Tomato Seconds - 15lbs
Yellow Watermelon
Red Onions
Django's Ginger Carrots - Gracies Garden
Goat's Milk Feta - Kennebec Cheesery
Roma Tomaoes
Watermelon *Extra Large*
Abundance Plums (IPM) 2lbs - The Apple Farm
Fromage Frais in Lemon Olive Oil - Winter Hill Farm
Sparkplug Farm Pasture-Raised Eggs - 1 dz.
5lbs Paula Red Apples IPM - The Apple Farm
"Opus 42" Aged Cheese - Lakin's Gorges Cheese
Carrots, Orange
Fresh Baby Turmeric 1/3lb. - Stonechipher Farm
Pasture-Raised Eggs - Apple Creek Farm & Sparkplug Farm
Hot Pepper Bag
Sweet Pepper Mix -
Kabocha Squash
Buttercup squash
Acorn Squash
"Medallion" French Style Soft Cheese
Balsamic & Onion Jam - Olde Haven Farm
Sugar Plum Jam - Olde Haven Farm
Whiskey Maple Cranberry Jam - Olde Haven Farm
Sweet & Spicy Pepper Jelly - Olde Haven Farm
"Frost Gully" Camembert - Winter Hill
Cranberries (IPM) 1lb. - Sugar Hill Cranberry Co.
Red Russian Kale
5lb. Bag of Potatoes - Purple Viking Specialty Masher
5lb. Bag of Carrots
5lb. Bag of Beets
5lb. Bag of Leeks