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Autumn Harvest Share - Week 2

Posted on October 14th, 2022 by Sarah Duprey

 It's delivery week 2 and we've weathered our first fall storm here on the farm, so I guess fall is truly here!  This week we have heirloom apples from The Apple Farm, more turmeric and ginger from Stonecipher Farm, the most delicious chevre in oil from Kennebec Cheesery and all the delicious fall veggies associated with this almost spooky season!

Fall storms are pretty much the norm at this point, but in recent years with the super mild falls we've been having, they sometimes come as a bit of a wakeup call from leisurely enjoying the gratification of pulling out all our fall hauls.  Usually they bring a lot of wind and a lot of water, and sometimes (ugh) snow.  Today's storm was less stressful than expected, thankfully, but wind and water can be a troubling combination for the tunnels that house all our greens for the winter.  Wind can rip plastic from the houses, and enough wind can even pull the bows from the ground causing significant damage.  Water can loosen their ground posts holding them down and also cause flooding that can swamp small crops, troubling in warm weather, but devastating when it's cold, as it can cause little roots to rot.  Thankfully today's storm underdelivered on wind (at least here in Bowdoinham) and the rain is letting up in time - and tomorrow is going to be a beautiful sunny day, so we can expect most areas to drain quickly.  It seems that our farmers' superstition that preparation will prevent bad weather came true here.  On top of harvesting thousands and thousands of pounds of potatoes this week, our team worked hard to patch any possible holes, weigh down sides, and trench beds to prepare and this dissuaded the weather gods from walloping us too hard...This superstition also works for rain in the summer, nothing brings it in faster than hauling hot irrigation pipe for hours in the sun :)

We hope you enjoy the shares this week!  This certainly is a bountiful fall!

Quick Note about the Apples:

The bag labels on the apples you receive may say something different than the variety that is *actually* in the bag. The correct apples are heading your way, though, so not to worry!