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Week 4 - Weeds, weeds, weeds and drought! More strawberries for sale with shares!

Posted on June 26th, 2020 by Bethany Allen

We just has a thunderstorm pass by us and we got enough wind and almost rain to get us to run around like crazy, but it passed too fast and too far north, and we didn't even get enough water to tamp down the dust.  Good thing our irrigation was running the whole time...

We are officially in a drought, though that doesn't feel like it means much any more, dry late spring and early summers feel like the norm now.  But that doesn't make irrigating any easier.  

We've just wrapped up another crazy week on the farm, some crops are starting to come in fast, while others are slowing down a little in the heat/drought.  Despite our epic electric deer fence, we're starting to see damage in lettuce and other tasty-to-deer crops, so we're upping our game with some night spying and some extra juice on the fence.

This week we have quarts of strawberries for sale from Fairwinds! These are an extra item to add to your box. $6.50/quart

WEEDS are starting to creep in, our goal isn't just to keep weeds from interfering with the crop growth by stealing water, light, and nutrience - we also want to make sure that they don't set seeds, which creates problems for years to come.  So we weed, we mow, a little triage with the future in mind.

It's not all bad news - we unveiled the peppers today (they had been happily growing under row cover where it is super warm) and they look awesome.  We changed up our spacing this year to give the peppers a little more room, and we seeded the aisles to barley, to help control weeds, which we'll now mow into a mulch.  The plants are HUGE and healthy and covered in blossoms and even some fruit.  We'll starting having green and purple (technically underripe) peppers first, then reds and yellows once the fruit ripen.  It will probably be about a month before you see them in shares, but hopefully they will be bountiful.

 Words in the praise of Napa Cabbage - we've had Napa Cabbage (or Chinese cabbage as it's sometimes called) for the last few weeks, but this week is our last week for a little while until the next batch matures.  I know that cabbage is not everyone's favorite, but Napa is versatile, sweet, crunchy, and great for all weather.  We like to chop it into crunchy salads (  or use it in stir fries or wraps (  It also keeps (wrap in a bag to maintain moisture for a very long time in your fridge, so it'll wait for you until you're ready to give it a try.

We also have more kohlrabi in shares this week!  Kohlrabi is another underrated veggie.  I personally love it raw, cut into chips or sticks just dipped in hummus or guac.  It's also great grated into a stirfry, or into your cabbage spring rolls.  Kohlrabi stores for months and months in the winter, so if you're looking to eat local through the winter and branch out, now is a great time to familiarize yourself with kohlrabi.


A friendly reminder regarding social distancing at drop sites:

  While most of our sites are outside or in very well ventilated spaces for safety, it's important to remember that we follow social distancing guidelines for pick-ups to keep everyone safe and comfortable.  Please wear masks, stay AT LEAST six feet from one another, wait to approach tables until there is enough space to find your box safely, and do not some if you are unwell.  Please also minimize touching others' boxes.

Thank you!

Bethany and Eric