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Harvest Tide Pop-up Delivery 4/23-4/24

Posted on April 16th, 2020 by Bethany Allen

Farm Happening Late April

Pop-up Sales Open for Delivery 4/23 - 4/24


Hello Members and local farm supporters!  Thank you for signing up for our farm stand list!  Sign-ups for next week's pop-up are NOW OPEN!  And will remain open until Tuesday 4/21 at Noon.  While we have lots of stuff, please know all items are subject to selling out, so please don't wait too long so grab your box.

Below is a list of what is available in shares! And even further below is your farm update!

We are trialing home delivery with this pop-up, to Brunswick and Topsham only to get some practice and work out the kinks before we launch that option for the summer.  BUT if you unable to safely make a pick-up for this pop-up, please message us, we'll do what we can.


Each box is valued at $25.00, so your box will fill with veggies and you can swap items in an out to that value.  And of course add more to stock up!

We have:

-Carrots  -  Potatoes  -  Parsnips  -  Kale  -  Microgreens  -  Pea shoots   -  Spinach (limited)  -  Turnips  

Celery Root  -  Rutabaga  - Cabbage - Onions


BRUNSWICK - Turtle Rock Farm 39 Burbank Street Brunswick Thursday 4/23/20 12:00 - 2:00 PM
FREEPORT - L.L. Bean Moose Parking Lot (between Home and Flagship Store) Freeport Maine Thursday 4/23/20 3:00-5:30
FALMOUTH - Foreside Community Church 340 Foreside Road Falmouth, Maine  Friday 4/24/20 12:00-2:30 PM
PORTLAND - Rising Tide Brewery 103 Fox Street Portland Maine   Friday 4/24/20 3:00-6:00 PM
BOWDOINHAM  - On Farm 304 Pork Point Road Bowdoinham, ME   3:00-5:30 Friday 4/24/20
Home delivery: Thursday afternoon - 4/23/20 Brunswick/Topsham


Extras Available


Frozen, Local Organic, Wild Blueberries from Crystal Spring Farm  2 lb bag of berries frozen at their peak summer flavor, true wild blueberries harvested only 30 minutes from Portland in Brunswick! $14.00/2 lb bag

Cornmeal from Fairwinds Farm (no spray) 2 lb bag - Heirloom flint cornmeal, grown by our beloved neighbors in Bowdoinham.  Great for polenta and cornbread.  $6.00/2 lb bag

Popcorn from Fairwinds Farm (no spray) 1 lb bag - Local, popcorn ready for all your movie nights.  $4.00/bag

Moses Dyer Coffee - Roasted in small batches fresh in Harpswell, Maine.  Organic and fair trade, whole bean only.  Coffee is bagged to 1 full lb (most coffee is just 12 oz.) Available in Dark and Medium Roast $14.50 each

Local, farm fresh eggs from Sparrow Farm (not OG) - $6.00/dozen

Strawberry Basil Spreadable Fruit from Turtle Rock Farm - Local, organic vegetables, jarred by hand in Brunswick, ME.  Made with love by Turtle Rock Farm $8.00/jar

Dill Pickle Chips from Turtle Rock Farm - Local, organic vegetables, jarred by hand in Brunswick, ME.  Made with love by Turtle Rock Farm $6.00/jar

Local, organic, Heiwa Tofu - For our plant-based members! Or really everyone, tofu is delicious!  Made in Maine. $5.00



Cheese Available:

Winter Hill Farm Fresh Feta - Cow’s milk feta. Crumbly but very creamy, rich in flavor. Not overly salty as many fetas are. Excellent cheese for salads, sandwiches and pizza. One of our best sellers, and third best cow's milk feta in North America, according to judges at the prestigious American Cheese Society competition! $8.50/container

Kennebec Cheesery Cheve in Oil - Fresh goats' cheve, with herbs in oil, wonderful anywhere on anything, and the oil is great for bread dipping once you've finished the cheese. $8.50/container

Winter Hill Farm Bradbury Blue -  An aged raw milk, natural rind cheese. Aged 2-5 months. A very creamy blue! Not overwhelming, but distinctly blue. $8.50/container

Kennebec Cheesery Sugarloaf Alpine Cheese - An aged (6+ months) hard, goats' milk cheese.  An excellent, mild stand in for Parmesan, great on pastas or in polenta. $8.50/container

In an effort to support our local creameries, if you buy 3 local cheeses for this delivery, we'll offer you a $5.00 credit towards extras in your summer share!


Other  Dairy

Winter Hill Farm Farmstead Yogurt - Our yogurt is thick and mildly sour, with a cream top.  1 quart $8.00

Winter Hill Farm Milk 1/2 Gallon - Raw, whole milk.  Not homogenized so has a thick cream top.  $5.00/1/2 Gallon

Unsalted Local Butter from Casco Bay Creamery - 1/2 lb box (2 sticks) $5.00



We are working with Rising Tide to deliver their beer!  This a delivery, prices are as they would be in the tasting room.  We will have to check your ID on pick-up.  AND if you are picking up at Rising Tide, you can order directly from them for a wider selection:

Weather The Storm: Dry-Hopped Pilsner: 5.2% ABV: $13/four pack
Uncharted Waters: Cocktail Inspired Beer brewed in collaboration with Three of Strong and in support of Pink Boots Society: 7.7% ABV:  $14/four pack
Maine Island Trail Ale (MITA): Session IPA: 4.3% ABV: $11/four pack
Cutter: Imperial India Pale Ale: 8.0% ABV: $13/four pack
Farm Update
Phew, things are crazy on the farm.  Spring is always busy, but between added pop-ups, last week's terrible weather, having a toddler with us all the time, and the general logistics of adapting to this pandemic we're all struggling with, we're wiped.  Feeling really exhausted at the beginning of farm season would be more troubling if there wasn't also this sense of urgency, purpose, and energy that came along with all this extra work.  We feel more committed than ever to feeding our communities and being good employers to our staff, and this is definitely driving us forward in these crazy times.  
In other stressful farm news, our old big red tractor died last week, and we had to make the tough decision to invest in a new tractor rather than just fix it.  Eric has been afraid of this moment for a while, as Big Red was already old when she came to live on the farm, and does so much for us.  We will fix her eventually, but right now we need a tractor that we know will get us through the coming season.  And many years to come.  Stay tuned for shiny new tractor photos.
We have started most of this year's staff, so have a bunch of new and some returning staff on the farm.  So far it's been great, we've got lots of hands doing all kinds of work at a distance.  We're really looking forward to getting into planting season with this crew!
CSA sign-ups for the summer are open and you can sign-up here:
Thank you all for your support!  Hope to be able to see you all at the farm soon!