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Farm Happening for the Week of October 5th

Posted on October 4th, 2020 by Brendan Prewitt

Anyone else tired of the rain yet? That seemed to be the overarching theme this past week - even on the days it wasn't supposed to. To say we're ready for some sunshine (or at least dry weather) is an understatement.

Rainy and 50 is not the recipe for the most enjoyable days around here, but we get by. Aside from harvesting as usual, we managed to get what will likely be some of our last weeding in for the season and got the two hoophouses from the old property torn down and all but a couple trusses for the new hoophouse assembled. 

Friday night brought, yet again, some cold weather. We hit 26 degrees, which is the coldest we've seen it for this time of year, that's for sure! Luckily, we knew some sort of cold was coming, so it only required one trip outside at 2am to make sure things were functioning after we realized it was getting a bit colder than expected. Most crops this time of year can handle the cold, so we harvested the ones that couldn't (like peppers) and called them good for the season, which probably wasn't a terrible move, as 26 degrees is even too cold for row cover. 

Derek left us this week for a new adventure in Detroit. He's surely going to be missed around here - anyone that knows Derek knows his light-hearted attitude that makes getting through those long days a little easier. Nick's girlfriend, Danielle, will be taking over some of Derek's hours this upcoming week, which will help ease the labor burden, given we're still running at close to peak levels. 

Some of you will also be leaving us this upcoming week (it's the second to last summer season week, so some bi-weekly members that started the first week of the season will be getting their final delivery this week), so we wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for joining us this year - obviously, we can't do what we're doing here without you! From a weather perspective, it's been one of the more challenging years we've experienced, from late frost to record heat and dry weather to torrential rains capped by record early frost, we can't say it's a year we'd like to repeat. Despite all of that, we've had a successful season and enjoyed getting to know those of you that just joined us and keeping in touch with those of you that have been with us for a while. We're making a lot of big changes here for next season that we're all super excited about sharing with you over the coming months, so we hope to see everyone around! 

Well, we'll leave it there for now - a cloudy, rainy morning is a good one to get some oddball tasks checked off the list!

Have a great week!

-Brendan & Greta