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Farm Happenings for September 29, 2020

Posted on September 27th, 2020 by Brendan Prewitt

Well, September sure disappeared quickly! It's no huge surprise, though; it's normally one of our busier months, between lots of harvesting and prepping for fall planting.

We had a busy week of cleaning up hoophouses and fields that aren't going to be used for the rest of the season. That means this upcoming week, we'll be onto relocating two of the hoophouses and assembling the trusses for the new one that we'll be installing. We'll be losing Derek to a new adventure in Detroit shortly, so we're taking advantage of a full crew to get as much done as we can before then. There are still veggies growing everywhere that we plan on assembling the new structures, so it'll be a bit before we can actually get building, but given winter is coming shortly, the more prepared we can get, the better!

There isn't as much exciting news to share this time of season as we're on the downhill side and things are slowly wrapping up. While there are still a handful of crops that haven't made their appearances yet (Brussels sprouts, etc.), it's not quite the excitement that June offers, with a whole host of veggies still to come. This time of year, a handful of the crops (squash, garlic, potatoes, onions) are already harvested, which makes the week go a little smoother (though it makes earlier in the season that much busier when we need to harvest large quantities of each of these at once, with no immediate benefit). 

We typically have a little more free time this time of year and the pace isn't quite so crazy (though the weekly sprint to the end of the Saturday market still is at a rather brisk pace). We spend much of our free time reviewing what worked and what didn't while it's still fresh, so we can begin formulating a plan for next season. We're also in the midst of harvesting grapes to begin another experimental season of winemaking - because, well, who doesn't need one more thing to do!

So, on that note, time to go harvest some more grapes before we kick off another week!

Have a good week!

- Brendan & Greta