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Farm Happenings for November 5, 2020

Posted on November 3rd, 2020 by Brendan Prewitt

Finally some sunshine and nicer weather to wrap up our final two farm share weeks of the season! After the past couple weeks, we're most definitely ready for a bit warmer weather to try to get lots of things wrapped up around here, because, undoubtedly, the cold weather is coming. 

Saturday morning was the coldest yet with 17 degrees here at the farm. That made for an interesting morning at the farmers' market - we've had some nasty weather in the past for the farmers' market this time of year, but never have had to worry about crops freezing within minutes of putting them on the table. Definitely time to wrap up all our outdoor activities for the year! Luckily we got the irrigation blown out on Friday, just in time for the cold weather, so we're one step closer to being wrapped up. 

We've still got lots of field cleanup to do this fall, but we've been waiting for some nicer weather before we jumped into that (we're guessing that rototilling frozen ground just doesn't work). We'll be tackling a lot of that in the mornings before we officially start work for the day now that it's a bit lighter out, because we don't have much time in the evenings anymore!

We're getting close to finishing up our hoophouse projects; unfortunately, we're waiting on a delivery with some essential parts before we can get plastic on and everything all sealed up, but we'll make as much progress this week as we can while the weather's nice. 

Well, it's time to go wrap up harvesting for the day and continue on our building endeavors!

Have a good week!

-Brendan & Greta