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Lettuce Rejoice! May 12, 2022 - In the Weeds

Posted on May 6th, 2022 by Tamara McMullen

Lettuce Rejoice

May 12, 2022

In the WEEDS!

It’s Week 6 of the Spring Farm Share!


Administrative Details

Thanks so much for returning your cooler bags this week!  Keep up the great work.

What’s in the Box

Eggs might just be the perfect food.  

Try adding radish to your egg salad sandwich (or deviled egg platter as above), or try adding dill (new this week) to your scrambled eggs.  YUM!

On the Farm


On the Farm


It's finally dry and sunny. What this means for us is that everything needs to be done all at once- we are truly in the weeds now and will be for some time.  It's time to hoe, and plant, and mulch, and cultivate.  And we need to do it all FAST to make up for lost time and to ensure that the fields fulfill their destiny as a vegetable Eden.  

Here are a few of the things we did this week: weeded and rhubarb and asparagus- the asparagus is an inch tall!!!  Any day now it'll be ready to be the star of spring meals.  We hoed the garlic, all 6000 bulbs.  We disced fields to prep them for planting.  We seeded and potted up in the greenhouse, and seeded and transplanted in the field.  

Flowers are blooming everywhere and the bees are putting in their first appearances.  It is a hopeful time.  

I also  introduced about 8000 red wiggler worms to a vermicomposting bin I had built last fall.  I'm super excited to start producing high quality vermicompost to use in our greenhouses.  The photo above is of Ruby and I getting some bedding, shredded cardboard and leaf mold in this case, ready for the worms.  I'll keep you updated on the worms progress.  

That’s all for now folks, happy eating until next time.

Farmer Tamara