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About us

Firmly Rooted Farm is a certified organic vegetable farm located in Belgrave, Ontario. We love growing food: we grow over 40 crops, on under 4 acres, during all 4 seasons of the year. We love feeding our local community, and only sell within 1 hour of the farm. We believe that to be firmly rooted means to live from the yields of our land, and to help our neighbours do the same. We hope you’ll choose us to be your farmers!

Lettuce Rejoice! September 16, 2021- Ode to Onions

Posted on September 10th 2021 by Tamara McMullen

September 16, 2021 The Lettuce Rejoice! Firmly Rooted Farm's Newsletter for their Veggie Loving Farm-ily On the Farm: Ode to Onions Hello again my veggie loving friends, Something about the fall makes me want to cook more. I recently preserved peaches and tomato sauce for the winter and harvested some wild grapes to make wine and jelly. Soon... read more »

Arugula, Baby
Basil, Italian
Beets, Purple, Bunched
Bok Choy, Baby
Cabbage, Green
Melon, Cantaloupe
Carrots, Orange, Bunched
Chinese Cabbage
Collard Greens
Cucumbers, English
Eggplant, Italian
Green Beans
Peppers, Sweet
Lettuce, Romaine
Kale, Curly
Onions, Green Onions
Pea Shoots
Paste Tomatoes
Salad Mix
Peas, Sugar Snap
Tomatoes, Cherry
Tomato, Slicer
Onion, Sweet
Potato, White
Squash, Summer, Green
Melon, Watermelon, Mini
Squash, Winter
Garlic Scapes
Salad Greens
Squash, Winter, Acorn
Squash, Kabocha
Sweet Potato
Hakurei Turnip
Squash, Honeynut
Squash, Winter, Delicata
Bell Peppers, Green
Squash, Pumpkin, Pie
Bell Peppers, Colored
Kale Flowers/Raab
Potatoes, Red
Mesclun Mix, Sweet
Micro Greens, Spicy
Cabbage, Napa
Mustard Greens
Radish, Daikon, Purple
Spicy Salad Greens
Fingerling Potato
Squash, Spaghetti
Turnips, Salad
Squash, Winter, Butternut
Asian Greens
Garlic, Green
Sunflower Shoots
Greenhouse Tomatoes
Greenhouse Cucumbers
Kale, baby
Endive, Frilly
Brussels Sprouts
Mesclun Mix, Signature
Microgreens, Basil
Microgreens, Cilantro
Basil, Thai
Basil, Purple
Beans, Green
Beans, Yellow
Beets, Purple, Loose
Beets, Chioggia, Bunched
Beets, Chioggia, Loose
Beets, Gold, Bunched
Beets, Gold, Loose
Chinese Broccoli
Cabbage, Red
Carrots, Orange, Loose
Carrots, Rainbow, Bunched
Carrots, Rainbow, Loose
Cauliflower, Orange
Cucumbers, Slicing
Radish, Daikon, Green
Eggplant, Asian, long
Kale, Dino
Lettuce, Butterhead
Lettuce, Mini Head
Onion, Red
Onion, White
Peppers, Hot, Jalapeno
Peppers, Hot, Poblano
Peppers, Hot, Shishito
Potato, Red
Radish, Watermelon
Squash, Summer, Yellow
Squash, Summer, Patty Pan
Squash, Winter, Spaghetti
Squash, Winter, Buttercup
Squash, Winter, Hubbard
Turnips, Purple Top
Squash, Pumpkin, Black Futsu
Carrots, Orange, Round, Loose
Carrot, round
Onion, Red, large
Microgreen, radish
Microgreen, broccoli
Microgreen, arugula
Mushroom, Shiitake
Beets, Purple, Loose Large
Spinach, BULK, 1 lbs
Mushroom, Maitake
Seedling, Flower, Nasturtium, Kaleidoscope Mix
Seedling, Flower, Poppy, Falling in Love
Seedling, Flower, Strawflower, Tall Double Mix
Seedling, Herb, Basil, Purple Amethyst
Seedling, Herb, Basil, Rutger's Devotion
Seedling, Herb, Basil, Thai Cardinal
Seedling, Herb, Chives, Common
Seedling, Herb, Cilantro, Leisure
Seedling, Herb, Dill, Teddy
Seedling, Herb, Mint, Chocolate
Seedling, Herb, Mint, Spearmint
Seedling, Herb, Parsley, Curly, Darki
Seedling, Herb, Parsley, Flat, Peione
Seedling, Herb, Rosemary, Cuttings
Seedling, Herb, Sage, Extraktra
Seedling, Herb, Sorrel, Red Veined
Seedling, Herb, Stevia, OG
Seedling, Herb, Thyme, German Winter
Seedling, Perennial, Raspberry, bareroot - Yellow, Anne 3 CANES
Seedling, Perennial, Raspberry, bareroot - Red, Nova 3 CANES
Seedling, Perennial, Strawberry, bareroot - Everbearing Albion 10 ROOTS
Seedling, Perennial, Asparagus, Millennium 5 CROWNS
Seedling, Vegetable, Broccoli, Gypsy
Seedling, Vegetable, Broccolini, Atlantis
Seedling, Vegetable, Brussel Sprouts, Gustus
Seedling, Vegetable, Cabbage, Green Cone, Cour Di Bue
Seedling, Vegetable, Cabbage, Red, Ruby Perfection
Seedling, Vegetable, Cabbage, Green, Tiara
Seedling, Vegetable, Cauliflower, Orange, Flame Star
Seedling, Vegetable, Celery, Kelvin
Seedling, Vegetable, Swiss Chard, Rainbow, Improved Rainbow Blend
Seedling, Vegetable, Cucumber, Pickling, Mini, Corentine Hybrid
Seedling, Vegetable, Cucumber, Mini Field, Katrina
Seedling, Vegetable, Eggplant, Asian, Orient Express
Seedling, Vegetable, Eggplant, Italian, Traviata F1
Seedling, Vegetable, Ground Cherry, Goldie
Seedling, Vegetable, Kale, Dinosaur, Black Magic
Seedling, Vegetable, Kale, Curly, Winterbor
Seedling, Vegetable, Lettuce, Butterhead
Seedling, Vegetable, Melon, Canteloupe, Sarah's Choice
Seedling, Vegetable, Onion, Short Storage/Sweet, Ailsa Craig
Seedling, Vegetable, Onion, Storage/Cooking, Cortland F1
Seedling, Vegetable, Onion, Storage/Red, Redwing Organic
Seedling, Vegetable, Peppers, Poblano, Baron
Seedling, Vegetables, Peppers, Italian Roasting, Carmen
Seedling, Vegetable, Pepper, Orange Bell, Gourmet
Seedling, Vegetable, Hot Pepper, Jalapeno, Jedi
Seedling, Vegetable, Pepper, Red Bell, King Crimson
Seedling, Vegetable, Pepper, Shishito
Seedling, Vegetable, Yellow Bell Pepper, Sweet Sunrise
Seedling, Vegetable, Sweet Potato, Covington
Seedling, Vegetable, Tomato, Cherry, Black Cherry
Seedling, Vegetable, Tomato, Cherry, Blush
Seedling, Vegetable, Tomato, Cherry, Siderno
Seedling, Vegetable, Tomato, Cherry, Sun Sugar
Seedling, Vegetable, Tomato, Cherry, Supersweet 100
Seedling, Vegetable, Tomato, Red Slicer, Big Beef
Seedling, Vegetable, Tomato, Red Slicer, Mountain Merit
Seedling, Vegetable, Tomato, Heirloom, Cocktail, Black Beauty
Seedling, Vegetable, Tomato, Heirloom, Black Krim
Seedling, Vegetable, Tomato, Heirloom, Cherokee Purple
Seedling, Vegetable, Tomato, Heirloom, Green Zebra
Seedling, Vegetable, Tomato, Heirloom, Cocktail, Jaune Flamme
Seedling, Vegetable, Tomato, Heirloom, Old German
Seedling, Vegetable, Tomato, Plum, Blue Beech
Seedling, Vegetable, Tomato, Plum, Cippola's Pride
Seedling, Vegetable, Tomato, Plum, Plum Regal
Seedling, Vegetable, Tomatillo, Toma Verde
Carrot, SECONDS 5#
Carrot, SECOND 5#
Carrot, Rainbow, SECOND 5#
Microgreen, basil
Nettle, stinging
Seedlings, Perennial, Strawberry, potted, Hot Pink Berri
Seedling, Flower, Yarrow, Pink
Seedling, Flower, Yarrow, White
Seedling, Flower, Calendula
Seedling, Flower, Beebalm, Lemon
Seedling, Vegetable, Celeriac
Seedling, Flower, Cosmos, Cranberry
Seedling, Flower, Hollyhock, Black
Seedling, Flower, Beebalm
Seedling, Flower, Echinacea
Seedling, vegetable, Tomato, Cherry, Purple Bumblebee
Seedling, Herb, Oregano
Tomato, Heirloom, Cocktail, Pink Boar
Broccoli raab
Seedling, Vegetable, Watermelon, Sugar Baby
Fennel, mini
Cauliflower, Sprouting
Beets, Purple, 5# BULK
Carrots, Orange, 5# BULK
Beets, Purple, 1/2 Bushel
Lettuce, mini romaine
Watermelon, Mini, Small
Watermelon, Mini, Large
Watermelon, Mini, Medium
Watermelon, Mini, Medium
Watermelon, Mini, Large
Melon, Cantaloupe, mini
Ground Cherry
Broccoli $4
Broccoli $3
Squash, Winter, Celebration, small
Squash, Winter, Celebration, medium
Squash, Winter, Spaghetti, Large
Squash, Winter, Spaghetti, Medium
Tomato, Roma