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Lettuce Rejoice! May 19, 2022 - Fun on the Farm!

Posted on May 13th, 2022 by Tamara McMullen

Lettuce Rejoice!

May 19, 2022 

Fun on the Farm


 Hey folks!


It's your last chance to order seedlings.  I'm closing the online store after the weekend so that we can get organized and pack orders.  Here's the link:

Bayfield Drop-Off Switches from Shopbike to Clan Gregor Square on Friday May 20

Thanks so much for returning your bags, please make sure the clips make it back too


On the Farm:

Goodness, the sunshine is glorious, we’ve skipped right through spring and while I may pay for it later, I’m not mad about it.  That being said: if this heat has you lulled into thinking there is no chance of frost this month, I’d still play it safe.  The full moon is coming up soon and the weather wizards are forecasting some low low’s.

Earlier this week I was complaining about the things that aren’t growing well (you heard about the lettuce/aphid debacle?), but you know what?  There is still SO much food.  It’s beautiful and it’s delicious, so instead of bemoaning the failures I’m going to tell you about some of the FUN we are having on the farm. 

-          We started picking the asparagus!  Every morning more of those delightful little spears have erupted from the soil.  We spend a full day weeding, composting and mulching these little buddies and their good friend rhubarb, and now we are reaping the benefits. 

-          I finally managed to overwinter some carrots.  I’ve tried now for a few years with no real success, but the test bed I planted last October is ready for harvest.  They are limited, and honestly a little wonky (the ground in the new greenhouse was hard because of all the construction traffic), but they are carrots.  In May.  #winning

-          We planted a tiny orchard with 20 mixed fruit trees.  We love fruit, and while it’s super tricky to grow organically, we are happy to play around with it.  If all goes well, maybe we can add a fruit Farm Share in a couple of years. 

-          The FUN stuff we planted over the last few years is all coming up beautifully.  This includes things like our Aronia and hazelnut bushes, our native plant hedgerows, and our 3,000 spring bulbs. 

-          We planted a few hundred basket willow cuttings.  I did the same last year and had a blast making Christmas stars with them.  I can’t wait to make a living fence or arch this fall.  I have dreams of offering willow workshops when I'm old and creaky.   

-          I spent yesterday evening potting up flowers for the farm to plant out once the risk of frost is past.  I don’t sell flowers any more (I did in 2014-2017), but every time I walk the farm and see the blooms it brings me joy, and after the last two years I could use a little more joy.


I hope you are all having fun too.  

That's it for now, happy eating until next time.  

Farmer Tamara