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Lettuce Rejoice! April 28, 2022 - Snowing & Blowing

Posted on April 22nd, 2022 by Tamara McMullen

Lettuce Rejoice

April 28, 2022

Snowing & Blowing

It’s Week 4 of the Spring Farm Share!


Administrative Details

Just a reminder to bring back your cooler bags.  We’ll have a tote bin at each drop off location, and a crate to the right of the walk-in cooler on the farm, to return them to.  Thanks for helping us buy less single-use packaging!

What’s in the Box

I hope you’ll fall in love with Bok choi and radishes this spring.  Both are delightfully crisp, with just a faintest hint of spice.  While radishes are divine in salads, or on toast with butter, you should also try them on the BBQ, same goes for bok choi.

On the Farm

It snowed way too much on the farm.  I thought it would be a blip, a sprinkle on Monday then we could get back to business as usual.  Of course, it wasn’t and we had an all-out snow storm on Tuesday too.  We used the time to get organized, and to get lots of greenhouse work done, including potting up hundreds of plants for our seedling sale.  In case you are wondering you can still pre-order plants here:

The snow has finally melted and it is glorious out today. Even though the soil is pretty mucky we are rushing to get our first round of brassica’s (broccoli and cabbage), onions, and snap peas in before it rains again.      Fingers crossed we pull it off!


That’s all for now folks, happy eating until next time.

Farmer Tamara